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Benefits of automation in finance 

In the profit center of your organization, the manual speadsheet and software-heavy work that is integral to your organization’s growth are prime targets for financial process automation.
Optimize analysts

Optimize analysts

Automation helps you tap into your team’s strategic skill set, which enables you to build a best-in-class finance and accounting processes that make better use of existing resources.

Decrease bottlenecks

Decrease bottlenecks

Automate the month-end close process and reconcile year-end financial data quickly and efficiently, reducing the stress-heavy days when deadlines draw near.


Stay compliant

Automating ongoing compliance enforcement and data capture allows your team to proactively address and report on regulations before they impact your business.

How finance and accounting teams use Catalytic

Automate financial report processing

Capturing an accurate, real-time picture of financial health is a critical need for business success today. At most organizations, creating financial reports involves running multiple large Excel files simultaneously, creating stalls and long execution times. Using accounting automation with Catalytic, businesses can reduce time-to-completion by 50% or more and ensure the process runs accurately.

Invoice process automation

From accounts receivable to accounts payable, invoice processes typically involve multiple stakeholders, requires manual and time-consuming communication, and is often slowed down further by discrepancy resolution. Catalytic can send or intake invoices from vendors and suppliers, and route the approval workflow. Then Catalytic can also push the relevant data to your payment software.

Automate foreign currency conversion

For companies operating in multiple geographies, managing the accounting of transactions that occur in foreign currencies can be a time-consuming process. Catalytic can automatically reconcile credit and debit transactions that occur in currencies other than USD, make calculations with the current exchange rate, and capture tracking for these transactions for future reporting needs.

Case Study

$125K saved with automated invoice process

Catalytic helped one global certification company use financial process automation for a new invoice intake process that automated 90% of the manual work, driving an immediate $125,000 in cost savings.

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