Catalytic Makes Automation
People Friendly

Catalytic is an Automation Cloud, a single platform that automates business processes for endless innovation.

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  • Modern, Secure Cloud

    Instant deployment, no hardware required, and lower cost of ownership

  • Business User Friendly

    Technically minded business users can build their own processes

  • Ecosystem of Actions

    Use hundreds of Catalytic’s built-in actions and integrations


Mine heavy volumes of unstructured data

The Catalytic platform can gather, extract, and process data to, in turn, generate documents, distribute files, and populate other systems. Bring people into the mix to handle exceptions and take advantage of machine learning to smarten up future automations.


People and bots working side-by-side

Catalytic orchestrates the handoffs between your employees, RPA bots, and external contacts across complex workflows. You can also keep track of the state of your processes as Catalytic monitors for hiccups.

Connect your existing systems

Make your processes even more powerful with reusable integrations

Access over 60 integrations

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  • "Catalytic is a trustworthy partner, providing significant ROI. We can easily deploy automation throughout the organization, resulting in massive productivity gains, cost reduction, higher quality, and reliability of data."

  • "We see ease of use and democratization of automation as the main differentiator for Catalytic."

  • UL

    "Catalytic enables us to have standardized ways of handling manual work and automagically handles tasks that don’t require uniquely human ingenuity and creativity."

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