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Catalytic is the easiest path to break through corporate inertia. Using our cloud-based automation platform, you can spark a chain reaction of productivity.

Humans and digital workers, united

Catalytic bridges the gap between people, data and existing technologies, and automates processes with up to 100% accuracy, so your employees can focus on higher-value opportunities.

Automate routine tasks

Your employees are overworked, and you need to get more done, faster. With automation, imagine being able to apply the function of mail merge and other macros across your entire spectrum of work in the office.


Optimize employee efforts

Improve the quality, accuracy and efficiency of office tasks, while freeing up your employees to focus on the creative and strategic work that more meaningfully impacts your business and increases competitive edge.


Reduce error and missteps

It's difficult to align the teams, departments and branches in your organization, which can cause mistakes, missteps and failed handoffs. Maximize and streamline communication across your entire company.

Our solutions in action


Streamline your processes, from end to end

From building effective automations, executing the workflows and tracking success rates with analytics, your business processes become faster and more efficient, from start to finish. Using our turnkey APIs, your entire company operates like clockwork, while truly keeping “humans in the loop.”


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Catalytic embedded ecosystem

Leverage our embedded ecosystem

In addition to our hundreds of no-code actions, our user-friendly platform has built-in features from our third-party partner ecosystem, which allows our customers to augment our business process automations. These features work seamlessly, resulting in faster innovation without separate contracts and implementations. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


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Catalytic intelligent data

Intelligent data and AI

Every piece of data extracted can be used for multiple tasks, for future use, and for machine learning. The more data that’s processed, the smarter the platform becomes, and the more efficient your organization becomes.

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See what our clients have to say

Regardless of your industry, Catalytic understands the key obstacles standing in the way of your business, and helps you remove them in a simple, cost-effective way.

UL Catalytic testimonial
Director of Platform Products, UL Val L.

"Catalytic 'automagically' handles tasks that don't require uniquely human ingenuity and creativity."

Dentsu Catalytic testimonial
Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network Max C.

"Catalytic provides significant ROI, with a vision to scale by making the technology accessible."

Lead of New Technologies, Human Resources, Mayo Clinic Kate P.

"Operationally, Catalytic is game changing for us as we realize the true power of automations."

Case study

Dentsu Aegis Network takes efficiency to a new level with Catalytic

Learn how Dentsu Aegis Network uses Catalytic to automate its media actualization process, reducing manual effort by up to 95%.

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