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Make automation technology work for you

Where traditional automation fails, Catalytic scales. Our no-code, AI-enabled platform is the next generation of digital innovation.

Next-generation automation solution

We bridge the gap between people, data and systems. From HR to procurement to supply chain, quickly build automated workflows to get work done faster with fewer errors.
Catalytic user-friendly platform

User-friendly platform

Our cloud-based platform is the easiest platform for tech- and non-tech minded employees to:

  • Easily build automations
  • Integrate with existing tech
  • Use AI/ML to make smarter decisions
Catalytic accelerates journey to digital transformation

Accelerated journey

To shift to a digitally-oriented organization, we work side-by-side with you to:

  • Reimagine roles and skill sets
  • Provide evolutionary learning
  • Collaborate to scale
Catalytic customers see immediate ROI

Immediate ROI

Our pricing and scaling model enables unlimited automation potential as you scale through:

  • Unlimited use
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Self-fund expansions

Solutions built by Catalytic

Look through our library of use cases, workflows and demos to see examples of what you can create in our platform.

Connecting data, people and systems—with automated workflows

Smart workflows powered by a seamless data engine

Documents, spreadsheets, images, presentations decks, records and emails—it’s all data. With Catalytic, create smart workflows that automate the ways you create, process and analyze that data with tools like text analysis AI.

Manage it all from one place, serving as your system of record for workflow, while enabling data sets for machine learning. With automated tasks running seamlessly, you and your team can focus on more strategic work. 

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End-to-end workflows optimize your time and resources

Catalytic allows you to embed task assignments, emails and notifications to employees and third parties at essential touch points within your workflows. By optimizing workers' time and ensuring quality, your team’s productivity is bolstered by automation and AI.

Our platform also takes a people-friendly approach to creating workflows with an AI-assisted builder experience.

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From disparate to integrated. Amplify business users and IT.

A typical business process often involves working in multiple different systems, apps and websites that are disconnected. This leads to outdated or incompatible data, duplicate work, and mostly, wasted time and resources.

Catalytic is the low-code digital layer you need to pull together the gaps between these systems and streamline them within your automated workflow, empowering your business users and amplifying IT.

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See what our clients have to say

Operationally, Catalytic is game changing for us as we realize the true power of automations. Catalytic is not just a tool to automate routine work, although it’s certainly effective at doing so. The real value comes in its ability to elevate the experiences of our employees, and use our data to make better decisions.
Kate P.
Lead of New Technologies, Human Resources, Mayo Clinic
AI and intelligent automation are a very distant and foreign concept to many, but Catalytic introduces advanced technology in an easy-to-consume service.
Max C.
Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network
Catalytic 'automagically' handles tasks that don't require uniquely human ingenuity and creativity.
Val L.
Director of Platform Products, UL
I love that the tool is highly customizable while also being simple to use. I have no technical expertise, but I am able to build out very complex processes and even incorporate predictive modeling with no additional support. Not having to wait on IT has been huge for me.
April J.
Senior Director of Business Operations & Transformation, Computer Networking
[Catalytic] allows the ability to integrate across our whole ecosystem. We are looking for Catalytic to form the basis of our enterprise moving forward.
Mark D.
General Manager, Information Technology and Services

The easiest automation technology for organizations across industries

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93% of employees believe process automation will make their jobs easier

Catalytic's 2020 report finds that to break through digital innovation stagnation, companies must rethink roles, responsibilities and technologies.