Automation for document generation

Generate customized documents, slide decks and spreadsheets in seconds.

Fast-track file creation

Avoid creating the cumbersome emails, documents, spreadsheets, and slide decks that take up a huge portion of your day.

Standardize more

Use standard templates to auto-generate documents that require updating on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.


Reduce error

Minimize the common typos and data entry errors associated with transferring information from people and systems into presentable documents.


Maximize presentability

Create custom, professional documents that you can update automatically and use for presentations, reporting and tracking.

How Catalytic customers automate document creation

Streamline file sharing

Every business organizes its data and information by creating and distributing emails, Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and other files—often on a repetitive basis. Catalytic’s document creation capability can streamline generating these documents, whether it’s invoice creation, billing, or year-end sales close-out.

Generate presentation decks

Whether presenting a project update to your internal team, or delivering current sales numbers to your c-suite, presenting growth and progress on a consistent basis requires an accurate and professional presentation. Spend your time refining your message and let Catalytic create your presentation materials for you.

Simplify document conversions

Converting one document file to another can be tedious, time-consuming and error-prone—like creating a PDF from a Word document, or pulling data from a PDF and adding to a spreadsheet. Catalytic’s document conversion capability can automatically do this for you, saving you time and effort better focused elsewhere.

Case Study

5,000 hours saved

In just one year using Catalytic, a national insurance company automated its quote-to-proposal documentation to save 5,000 hours and increase the number of total proposals for increased revenue.

Your software. Our smart automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps you currently use in your organization.

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Optimize your documents

Let us show you how easy it is to adopt automation into your document processes with Catalytic.

Optimize document generation
Experience how the Catalytic platform can be customized for your business.