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Apply AI and machine learning to business processes
AI & Machine learning

With Catalytic, use artificial intelligence to make easy business decisions and predictions, so you can save human intelligence for the hard ones. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, our platform becomes smarter as you input more data, enabling your processes to increase accuracy and efficiency.

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Catalytic enables citizen developers
Citizen developers

Economists say that automation isn’t stealing jobs, it’s actually creating them. With the Catalytic automation platform in place, your employees can utilize your company’s technology in a way that empowers them through upskilling, refocused efforts, and a more user-facing approach.

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Digital transformation with Catalytic
Digital transformation

As technology evolves, your business must evolve with it in order to maintain your competitive edge. Most companies have implemented varying degrees of digital and automation tools, but few are maximizing their potential. As the easiest platform for true digital transformation, we unite the tools, systems and software you’re currently using, and optimize them for efficiency, accuracy and speed.

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Streamline document generation
Document generation

Building emails, documents, spreadsheets and files is a substantial part of many job functions, but it can be cumbersome and tedious. Our technology can automatically generate documents, fill files and trigger emails, removing these often frustrating data entry processes.

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Catalytic automates document processing
Document processing

When you receive files, Catalytic can identify key data points within them through document processing—no matter the format—to automate the next steps in the process based on a set of rules. You can then replicate that process over and over to ensure accuracy within your many business functions.

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Catalytic orchestrates RPA bots
Orchestrating RPA bots

Catalytic seamlessly integrates with RPA bots—or digital workers—that may already be in place. Catalytic combines human work with your digital workforce to maximize your output to get the best of both worlds and make your bots more effective.

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