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Reimagine coordinated care

Healthcare automation can help you achieve safer and more effective care through faster communication and more accurate data.
Inform sooner

Inform sooner

Whether processing medical records, lab results, or insurance claims, Catalytic can get it done faster so providers and patients can make the most informed healthcare decisions possible.

Standardize more

Standardize more

Use Catalytic to secure medical records and seamlessly structure crucial information, no matter the format, so your organization can be universally compatible.


Advance further

Catalytic can improve healthcare data quality, then use it to identify risk, ensure compliance and make predictions through AI so your organization can offer excellent experiences and outcomes.

How healthcare organizations use Catalytic

Streamline health service management

From the physician and nurse onboarding process to managing day-to-day responsibilities of healthcare workers across the organization, you can use Catalytic to send alerts, assign job tasks and facilitate scheduling. Catalytic is HIPAA-compliant and can securely handle healthcare workflows that often include patient charts with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI). And use Catalytic to run regular reports on facility services, financials, and compliance.

Refine medical record reviews

Use Catalytic’s medical record automation capabilities for document analysis and abstraction to maximize Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) rates. By using Catalytic to get a better picture of your healthcare data, you can strategize, oversee progress, and resolve any provider or data issues that may impact results.

Standardization of healthcare processes

Create workflow protocols within our platform so you can standardize your healthcare processes. Catalytic can handle unstructured healthcare data, perform EHR data conversion, then ensure databases are complete, accurate, and accessible only to authorized personnel. Standardization with Catalytic means quicker, more accurate care.

Case Study

Data from old to new systems. With speed.

Catalytic helped one hospital quickly migrate and convert legacy data like Midmark files from old systems into a newer, modern solution with updated file types and data structuring.

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