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Catalytic Releases New Product Features for Enhancing Organizations’ Operational Intelligence

Improved UX and new systems integrations will help organizations navigate new employee and productivity needs during COVID-19

May 28, 2020 (Chicago) - Catalytic, the easiest-to-use, next-generation digital process automation platform, today announced several new cloud-based product features and platform updates that will better connect its customers to their people, data and systems as they navigate the new normal of remote work during the coronavirus. 

The following features are now available to customers within the Catalytic platform:

  • Workflow Insights – Workflow Insights enables organizations to identify areas for continuous workflow improvement in real-time against analytics like average cycle time from start to finish, total completions, skipped or failed tasks, bottlenecks, and detailed task summaries. By having their processes in one central place, organizations have granular insight for better understanding where and how to drive meaningful change for increased productivity – driving operational intelligence in the process. Leaders can clearly see within Workflow Insights what works, replace what doesn’t and create new, sustainable software for the future. Catalytic’s individual Workflow Insights dashboards complement team dashboards to give greater operational insights into the overall health of automation programs.
  • More powerful forms – Catalytic has enhanced web forms with new features to efficiently gather clean data from employees, customers, and suppliers and provide a modern experience for end users. Data tables can now be embedded in forms, enabling people both inside and outside the organization to review, update and add multiple records, eliminating the need to constantly email spreadsheets back-and-forth. New data validation capabilities, including file types, dates and more, ensure that data in forms is accurate before it is submitted.
  • Enhanced action discovery – Catalytic is doubling down on its commitment to providing the most intuitive builder for smart workflows with a new interface for users to find the perfect action for their needs. With every release, Catalytic adds more capabilities to the library of hundreds of automated actions from document generation to data processing and more. The new action discovery enhancements help workflow builders to assemble their automated processes more quickly and easily and take advantage of the newest capabilities.


  • More enterprise integrations – Additional integrations now make Catalytic even more compatible with the systems organizations use most day-to-day for cross-platform productivity. The platform now connects to Power BI to visualize workflow data, ServiceNow for enabling smart ticketing processes, Ephesoft for optical character recognition and annotation within documents, and Lever for automating key talent acquisition tasks that take up recruiters’ time. Catalytic provides a robust library of built-in integration connections and actions that allow users to automate tasks in their workflows and read, add and update data in their systems of record. 


“We are excited to partner with Catalytic to help customers create adaptive operations that drive efficiencies, reduce turnaround times and improve customer experiences,” said Kevin Harbauer, Chief Technology Officer at Ephesoft. “Catalytic’s intelligent workflows and integration capabilities can bring Ephesoft’s content acquisition and data enrichment solutions into end-to-end processes across numerous use cases, such as accounts payables/receivables, claims processing, healthcare and government compliance and other critical document processes."

“At Catalytic, we’re continuously innovating our platform to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their automation efforts,” said Sean Chou, CEO and co-founder of Catalytic. “In today’s environment, where remote work will continue for the foreseeable future and customer expectations are heightened, we know it’s especially important for more employees to be capable of developing their own digital solutions in these unprecedented times. Our enhanced product features will enable organizations to do just that while increasing transparency into the overall performance of their automation programs.” 

For more information on the platform update, visit Catalytic’s blog post here.




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