The platform for no-code process automation

Assemble, orchestrate, automate. Don’t code.

How it works

Assemble and configure extensive prebuilt functionality with the assistance of AI and natural language-based requests.

1. Assemble

Assemble your choice of hundreds of actions—Catalytic’s modules of functionality—that automate repetitive tasks.

The AI-enabled builder makes it simple to find the right components to create your workflow. Simply type what you want to do and the NLP engine will select the appropriate action.

2. Customize

Configure the details and order of each action to create workflows.

Set up triggers to kick off actions. Choose your rules to define logic for multi-step processes.

Make your automations dynamic using conditional fields, drop-down boxes, customizable text, and built-in integrations.

3. Automate

Automate around people, systems, and data.

Catalytic’s library of actions features six automation categories to mix-and-match for any process need: tasks and forms, integrations, browser navigation, document assembly, data processing, and text analysis.

The no-code platform for citizen developers.

With IT-approved governance and developer-grade options under the hood.

The Catalytic platform is used by professionals with all levels of technical ability. No-code users build automated workflows for the processes they know best, IT manages data and publishing controls, and devs can go deeper with code and advanced features.

Commonly asked questions

Is it really no-code?

How is Catalytic different from RPA/DPA/IPaaS/IPA?

What is citizen development?

How do I know what to build?

How do I get started?

Start building now.

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Customers who use Catalytic to automate success

Kate P.
The real value [of Catalytic] comes in its ability to elevate the experiences of our employees, and use our data to make better decisions.
Kate P.
Kate P.
-Lead of New Technologies, Human Resources at an academic medical center
Jay A.
Our opportunity gets bigger and brighter every day with automation. There's no ceiling on what we can do with Catalytic.
Jay A.
Jay A.
-Chief Executive Officer, Reveleer
Max C.
Catalytic is a trustworthy partner, providing significant ROI, with a vision to scale by making the technology accessible to non-technical audiences.
Max C.
Max C.
-Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network