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The Catalytic platform

Connecting people, data, and systems through low-code, automated workflows.

The next generation of digital process automation technology

Catalytic is the only technology built from the ground up with all of these capabilities in one no-code, cloud platform—giving you the most seamless way to create smart workflows using the latest digital, automation, and AI technologies.

All of Catalytic’s solutions start with the core Workflow Engine. Then, power up with additional modules for more innovation.

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Document Assembly

Stop preparing the same types of documents over and over. Catalytic’s Document Assembly can automatically populate templates with data from a process. 

Examples of what you can do with Document Assembly include:

  • Generate presentation-ready PowerPoint decks
  • Create and fill Excel spreadsheets
  • Assemble Word and PDF documents

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Data processing

Catalytic’s streamlined data engine can replace manual work done with spreadsheets, CSV files and other records. Use our platform’s Data Processing capabilities for any step in your process that requires calculations or consistent data. 

Examples of what you can do with Data Processing include:

  • Automate Excel spreadsheets with filtering, sorting and formulas
  • Pull from multiple sources for data consolidation
  • Generate and distribute automatic reports 

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Add the apps and systems you already use into your automatic workflow. Catalytic’s Integrations can streamline work you do across different platforms and augment these tools with new capabilities. 

Examples of what you can do with Integrations include:

  • Get access to hundreds of connectors
  • Start a workflow based on triggers from other systems
  • Update records in other systems with automatic data entry tasks

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Browser automation

Replace repetitive manual work on websites with an automated flow. Catalytic’s Browser Automation tools can complete regular updates, uploads and downloads in a process for you.

Examples of what you can do with Browser Automation include:

  • Get information from a page with screen scraping
  • Complete regular uploads and downloads 
  • Post information to a site with data entry

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Text Analysis

Replace manually scanning documents with automatic Text Analysis. This allows Catalytic to “read” the contents of documents or emails within a workflow to find keywords and interpret contents to take automatic next steps. 

Examples of what you can do with Text Analysis include:

  • Parse documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 
  • Interpret text with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis AI
  • Identify text similar to others in your records with fuzzy matching

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Add machine learning to your process with Predict. Catalytic’s no-code artificial intelligence feature allows you to easily add a predictive model to any step in your process. 

Examples of what you can do with Predict include:

  • Forecast estimates
  • Predict risks and confidence levels
  • Generate recommendations and decisions

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Workflow Engine

Automation with the Catalytic platform builds on our core Workflow Engine. This is what propels each automatic step forward, collects data, and keeps people in the loop through the entire process. 

Examples of what you can do with Workflow Engine include:

  • Digitize data collection with smart webforms
  • Route work through a process with task assignments
  • Send notifications and communications with automatic emails
  • Store and look up information in self-managing data tables

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