Simplify your work. Execute big ideas.
Increase revenue.

We make your business processes easier, so you can focus on what matters

Streamline the present while predicting the future

Our platform merges the workflow of your people with your automated processes, using the combined data to identify the next appropriate steps. The greater volume of data the platform has, the better it can predict what it does next, efficiently and accurately.

Catalytic Triggers Workflow

Kick off a workflow

Whether it’s an email, web form, or change in status, your trigger sets off the first step in your process like a chain reaction to collect data, identify the next step, and move your work forward.

Catalytic Orchestration

Coordinate and simplify

Our platform helps you coordinate people, digital workers and existing systems. Monitor workflow efficiency in real time and assemble future needs with dashboards and proactive alerts.

Catalytic Actions

Building blocks of your automations

Execute the next appropriate steps in your process by adding actions to automate them. This augments employee tasks that are often time-consuming and error-prone.

Catalytic intelligent data with machine learning

Your automations get smarter

Our system captures data to use for processes, tracking and reporting. It leverages machine learning to replicate those processes, and uses that information to predict future automations.

A smart platform built for enterprise scale and security


your systems

All of your company’s systems—whether cloud-based, SFTP, VPN, or on-prem—can be integrated with Catalytic, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

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Be human-centric
and data-driven

Catalytic’s orchestration engine works first with people, and combines data and artificial intelligence to help make your employees more impactful.

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Move to a modern,
secure cloud

Leave the hardware behind, and enable the cloud to deliver a low-cost, safe and secure business environment.

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The Catalytic Builder

Explore the simple steps to creating automated processes in our platform with the intuitive, no-code Catalytic Builder.

Try interactive demos

Preview our platform’s capabilities like AI, text analysis and document creation, with interactive automations powered by Catalytic.