Our partnerships

We’re all better together, which is why we partner with best-in-class organizations for our customers’ success.

Make our partnerships your secret power

The Catalytic ecosystem allows you to take advantage of the latest and greatest tech, all in one platform. Leveraging our partnership network within Catalytic lets you use the most innovative tech providers for the tools like AI, OCR and NLP that you need. They are built in, made simple and require no extra research contracts-we already did all of that for you.

Keep up with pace of innovation

Build vendor-neutral solutions

Get more products for the price of one

Deliver a faster and fuller solution

Take advantage of tech from trusted names

Benefit from both customization and compatibility

Technology Ecosystem

Take advantage of the latest and greatest tech, all in one platform. The tech partners in the Catalytic ecosystem are built in, made simple and require no extra research or contracts—we did all of that for you.

Catalytic uses Google Cloud’s Document Understanding AI for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and sentiment analysis to detect and categorize text from any document with the highest accuracy. Learn more >
HelloSign is the premium eSignature provider. Our partnership makes it simple for Catalytic to offer fast, secure, and legally binding eSignatures. Learn more >
Amazon Web Services is Catalytic’s secure cloud computing and storage provider offering reliable, scalable, and fast server capabilities. Learn more >
Mailgun's powerful transactional email tools enable Catalytic to track and validate emails for better deliverability. Learn more >
Catalytic uses Twilio to send text communications and notifications. Learn more >
SmartyStreets allows Catalytic to parse and validate U.S. and international addresses. Learn more >
Our partnership with Sauce Labs enables Catalytic's browser automation capabilities. Learn more >
Catalytic uses FullContact for identity resolution and contact lookups. Learn more >

Solution Partners

By leveraging our partnership network, you get options and opportunities for strategic guidance on using Catalytic across specialties, geographies and experiences.

Aurora-ecs specializes in delivering the full suite of Catalytic automation capabilities across the UK and Ireland. From the initial ideation workshops through full delivery of Catalytic’s intelligent automation platform, it offers advisory, design, build and run services along with continued support as a client adopts automation into their own practice or through Aurora-ecs’ fully managed outsourced services. Learn more >
Impact is a fierce competitor in the Intelligent Process Optimization space, specializing in development, conception and execution of enterprise data and document strategies for increased efficiency and rapid achievement of operational goals. Impact helps growing organizations overcome process-oriented business challenges by implementing industry-leading solutions and technologies like Catalytic. Learn more >
Open Box is a global software development consultancy that helps clients in the real estate industry embrace and get value from software automation platforms and their digital workforce. Open Box uses its expertise in development, support and integration of real estate software to add process automation solutions like Catalytic to industry-specific strategies to deliver business value quickly. Learn more >
Australia-based ESAM Consulting helps businesses create exceptional user experiences that enhance a hard-won reputation. Its deep sector knowledge, domain expertise and proven track record is why ESAM Consulting is considered the “go to” for on-demand IT solutions that cut lead times for projects, minimize staff downtime, eliminate back-filling, reduce disruption and boost your capacity. Learn more >