Catalytic AI & Machine Learning

Tangible and practical AI throughout our platform and your workflows.

AI so built-in, it just works

With AI naturally ingrained into our platform, its endless conveniences make your experience quick, easy and seamless. When creating a workflow, AI makes it easy to find the right no-code action for every step. Simply type what you want it to do. Catalytic’s embedded Natural Language Processing will automatically pick one of our hundreds of actions based on the closest match.


  • Typing something like "Send results for approval" will automatically add a task assignment action to your workflow
  • Writing "Add record to Salesforce" will automatically choose a Salesforce action
  • Entering “Scan certificate” will select the OCR action

Power-up your workflows with human-friendly AI & ML

AI actions

Many of Catalytic's actions—the building blocks of your automated workflow—are powered by AI. Add them into your processes to make your processes smarter, faster and more innovative.


  • Natural language processing and fuzzy matching
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Computer vision and OCR
  • Predictive model and machine learning
  • Data enrichment and validation

Machine learning

Our no-code machine learning feature allows you to leverage workflow data to create predictive models you can add into almost any workflow step.


  • Forecast estimates on timelines or costs
  • Predict risks and confidence levels
  • Generate recommendations and decisions

See it to believe it.

We’ll show you how easy it is to make an impact with AI-enabled workflows in Catalytic.