Catalytic Machine Learning & AI

The easiest way to use practical AI and machine learning throughout your workflows.




Machine learning

Catalytic Predict, a no-code machine learning feature allows you to leverage data tables to easily create a predictive model to embed intelligently generated information into any step within a workflow.

Examples :
  • Forecast estimates on timelines or costs
  • Predict risks and confidence levels
  • Generate recommendations and decisions

Intelligent Actions

Catalytic's library of building blocks, called Actions, includes many with AI capabilities that you can build into your workflow.


  • Sentiment analysis
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Fuzzy matching
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Workflow Builder

AI makes it easy to create a workflow using the right Actions without coding. To use Catalytic's Builder, simply type what you want each step in the process to do. Catalytic will use Natural Language Processing AI to match what you typed with an Action you can configure right away.


  • Typing "Add record to Salesforce" will automatically add a Salesforce integration Action to your workflow.
  • Typing "Send results for approval" will automatically add a task assignment Action to your workflow.

See what our customers have to say

AI and intelligent automation are a very distant and foreign concept to many, but Catalytic introduces advanced technology in an easy-to-consume service.
Max C.
Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network
The real value comes in its ability to elevate the experiences of our employees and use our data to make better decisions. Operationally, Catalytic is game changing for us.
Kate P.
Lead of New Technologies, HR, Mayo Clinic
Catalytic 'automagically' handles tasks that don’t require uniquely human ingenuity and creativity.
Val L.
Director of Platform Products, UL

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