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  • Exclusive entry to our customer Community site

  • Expert Catalytic guidance and support to help you achieve value


To make the most impact, we recommend spending at least 10 hours per week taking advantage of our platform during your two-week trial.


What to expect

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Before signing up, we recommend clearing at least 10 hours per week in your schedule that you can spend getting the most impact out of your 2-week trial.

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After sign in, your Catalytic trial journey will begin where you will:

  • Explore our platform through an onboarding workflow

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  • Discover the use cases that will make the most impact at your company

  • Identify 1-3 other people on your team who would make great Catalytic builders, and invite them to try the platform too

Make it your own

Next, you and your team can explore what's possible as a Catalytic builder, admin or end user. 

  • Configure prebuilt templates

  • Create and run your own automations

  • Test out workflows, tasks and forms with end users

  • Customize the experience for your company

Build as much as you can during your trial. After 14 days, if you like what you see, your Catalytic Trial Guide can help you upgrade to the right platform package for your company.

Who makes a great Catalytic builder?

Anyone can learn, but those who make the quickest impact tend to have these things in common:


  •  Time. Can spend at least 10 hours a week building efficiencies as part of their job.
  •  Tech savvy. Good with Excel formulas, software admin, or data analysis, but aren't full-on programmers.
  •  Love of problem solving. Can see the big picture and identify logical process improvements.



“The most impressive thing about Catalytic is how quickly I was able to pick it up. In a matter of days, I was able to build robust automations.”

-Wyatt, Catalytic builder at Reveleer



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