Business transformation with automation

Scale your digital technologies and automated processes across the enterprise

Digital transformation with Catapytic

82% of CEOs have a top initiative for digital transformation. But many companies fail to reach scale effectively.

What’s holding you back from achieving digital scale?

  • Reliance on limited technical resources
  • High upfront costs
  • Low tangible return on investment
  • Change management issues


Catalytic’s automation platform is how you break through.

Transform, scale, evolve across your organization

Catalytic empowers you to make your digital efforts connected, stronger, and more efficient. We create pivotal impact for the future, not incremental change.

Scale with the easiest-to-use technology

Trade in digitization of single processes for true hyperautomation by connecting all of your people, departments, and external resources.


Gain competitive advantage

Creating new efficiencies enables higher-level strategies that improve operations, drive innovative products and elevate customer satisfaction.


Maximize employee experience

By automating disparate data, systems, and tedious processes, and unifying operations, employees are free to focus on more impactful work.

How Catalytic empowers companies to transform

Catalytic begins with its core workflow engine, and includes additional modules based on your needs that empower true digital transformation.


Our smart workflow engine takes care of your repetitive emailing, information gathering, notifications, task assignments, and case routing across teams, departments and third parties.

Watch the interview process demo video to see how Catalytic routes tasks through an application workflow.

Learn more about the Catalytic Workflow Engine.



From your CRM like Salesforce to an ERP like NetSuite, Catalytic connects your systems in under five minutes. Automate system events to trigger a chain reaction of processes across the full spectrum of your tech stack, streamlining operations and minimizing manual data entry.

Watch the master data management demo video to see how Catalytic connects to a VMS in a supplier data management workflow.

Learn more about Catalytic Integrations.

Data processing

With Catalytic, you can combine data from multiple systems and files, and repurpose it for clear reference, reports and presentations. Imagine replacing the manual work in Excel-ware with an intelligent data engine that does the work for you.

Watch the predict contract approval demo video to see how Catalytic extracts contract terms and processes the data to calculate approval.

Learn more about Catalytic Data Processing.

AI and machine learning

Our embedded AI and machine learning capabilities harness data from current processes to forecast future results and inform decision-making. Not only are your current operations streamlined, but our platform analyzes those operations to recommend tactical decision making going forward.

Watch how the video to see how Catalytic uses machine learning to calculate a project duration in a client engagement workflow.

Learn more about Catalytic Machine learning & AI

1,500 days of manual work saved. Risk of human error eliminated.

Learn how Bosch saved more than 1,500 days of manual effort and reduced human error by automating supplier contract compliance with Catalytic.

Max C.

Catalytic is a trustworthy partner, providing significant ROI, with a vision to scale by making the technology accessible to non-technical audiences.

Max C.
Max C.
-Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network
Kate P.

The real value [of Catalytic] comes in its ability to elevate the experiences of our employees, and use our data to make better decisions.

Kate P.
Kate P.
-Lead of New Technologies, Human Resources, Mayo Clinic

In a matter of days, I was able to build robust automations that helped across the company and add significant value. It’s streamlined and simplified a lot of our operations.

Wyatt H.
-Change Management Coordinator, Reveleer

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