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About Catalytic

We recognize the obstacles your company faces, and we can help you empower your people to do more thoughtful, creative and impactful work through intelligent process automation.

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Our story

Since our founding in 2015, Catalytic remains focused on our mission: to augment human capabilities with technology, creating a future where people collaborate side-by-side with digital workers. By enabling automation to take on data processing and other repetitive day-to-day tasks, we help companies refocus the efforts of their people to use their intelligence, creativity and relationship-building to achieve unprecedented business outcomes.  

At Catalytic, an intense customer focus is at the core of everything we do. We’re your partner throughout your digital transformation journey, one automation at a time.  

Our values


We treat each other, our customers and suppliers with respect, compassion and empathy.


We experiment, learn and strive for mastery. And while we may compromise, we never settle.


We say what we mean, and do what we say.


We would rather take a calculated risk, make a mistake and quickly self-correct than be frozen in analysis.


We play the long game. We expect valleys and challenges, and can focus and persevere when faced with setbacks.


We are diverse in thought, encourage multiple points of view and engage in spirited – and respectful – debate. Then, as a team, we row in the same direction.

Careers at Catalytic

If you’re a passionate, dedicated and committed individual who wants to be part of a fast-moving company within a talented team, apply to one of our open positions.