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New operational intelligence and UX updates give Catalytic's smart workflows even more power

Catalytic has upgraded our platform with several new features and capabilities that will better connect your people, data, and systems. 

Today, we're announcing the latest version of the Catalytic platform with a number of new features and capabilities that better connect your people, data, and systems. 

From new capabilities like an operational intelligence dashboard and an upgraded no-code Action experience, to more powerful web forms and added integrations, here’s what’s new in Catalytic.


Introducing Workflow Insights—an operational intelligence dashboard


Catalytic’s Smart Workflow Engine’s self-managing data tables have always been at the core of your processes, acting as a system of record where you can track each step. Now, we’ve added a way for users to get even more out of this data with the new Insights dashboard for operational intelligence.

With Insights, you can see comprehensive, real-time data visualizations for each of your workflows in Catalytic. This gives visibility into cycle times, task summaries, and potential bottlenecks—all essential information to identify opportunities for continuous improvement, then respond with rapid adjustments to your operations and your live Catalytic workflows.


New UX elements for more power and ease-of-use

Continuing on our commitment to providing the most intuitive user experience for building smart workflows, we made some updates to two of our platform’s staples: Actions and web forms.


Easier Action discovery UX


As Catalytic’s list of capabilities—configured through no-code, universal Actions—continues to grow, we are making our Action library easier to navigate, so as you build a workflow, finding the right Action for each step is faster than ever. 

Now, you will now be able to rapidly search the Action discovery window or explore Actions by category. This makes it even easier for users with little to no coding experience to find and build automations best suited for their specific needs.


More powerful web forms


Catalytic’s smart Tasks & Forms, which enable sophisticated and dynamic data collection, just got even smarter. We’ve upgraded them with more advanced field validations and response types, including the option to embed one of Catalytic’s major features—our built-in data tables.

You can now insert a data table into any web form, so the recipient can update any field directly. This allows you to collect multiple records on a single form and eliminate emailing spreadsheets back-and-forth with suppliers and customers.


Four new system integrations

Catalytic has four new built-in system integrations with more coming soon. Our growing list of Integrations makes our platform even more compatible with systems commonly used by organizations for daily cross-platform productivity.

You can now build end-to-end workflows that connect to:

  • Power BI: Automatically populate and refresh your Power BI dashboards, allowing users to visualize workflow data. 
  • ServiceNow: Add Catalytic's smart workflows to your ServiceNow ticketing processes.
  • Ephesoft: Send documents to your queue for optical character recognition (OCR) and annotation, and then return extracted text to your workflow.
  • Lever: Automate a number of the key talent acquisition tasks that take up recruiters' time.





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