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How we use Catalytic for automation in talent acquisition

Q&A with Catalytic’s Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

At Catalytic, we practice what we preach when it comes to using automation. Not only do we empower our customers in the HR and staffing spaces to use our platform to optimize their talent acquisition processes, it’s also at the heart of our own company’s recruiting efforts— including candidate review, interview scheduling and onboarding.

In 2019, Catalytic increased employee headcount by 46%. For most of the year, our company achieved this growth with only one full-time recruiter, Heather Wahl, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition. 

That would otherwise be an overwhelming workload, but using the Catalytic platform made it possible. Now our recruiting team is up to two people—or two and a half, counting Catalytic, which Wahl considers her “half-recruiter.”

With 20 years of experience in recruitment, Wahl discusses how she uses automation with Catalytic to streamline the talent acquisition process on a daily basis.


How do you use Catalytic for talent acquisition?

I use Catalytic in many different ways. I actually consider it as my half-recruiter. Every single morning I get into the office, it reminds me of all the things I didn't get to the day before. I can't express how important this is because every recruiter gets pulled into a million different directions every day. We get bombarded with emails and candidate communication, and unfortunately, people can fall through the cracks. Catalytic prevents that and keeps me on track.


How does automation save you time in the applicant process?

Catalytic does the heavy lifting, and allows me to do the personal side of recruiting. I can spend a whole day on the phone and not miss a beat with any of the applicants.

From the moment a candidate submits an application through a Catalytic webform, the applicant workflow is automatically routed through our platform for initial review by hiring managers. But instead of just sending the resume, Catalytic creates a snapshot of the most relevant information extracted from their application.

It also does the other parts of the candidate process that can be automated, like follow-up emails on a candidate’s application status. It’s really important that every candidate knows we saw their resume and that we will keep them updated. 

For those candidates that we end up moving forward with, Catalytic looks at my calendar’s availability to automatically schedule phone screens and interviews via email.


How does automation continue with the onboarding process?

As soon as we get the verbal offer, Catalytic gets to work by generating a formal offer letter, gathering an eSignature, and sending other hiring paperwork like a contract, tax forms and request for authorization. It will even automatically complete the background check through Sterling.

Then, for onboarding, it will generate a custom welcome packet with an introduction to the company with benefit information. Catalytic will continue to send more emails and tasks like this to set up their company email, desk preferences, and anything else you need them to complete prior to arriving. It also sends information on what to expect on their first day, instructions on how to log in to the app for our door access system, and who to contact if they have any questions.

This way, they’re ready to go on their first day, and already adding value to their team by being prepared for training, meetings etc.

It prevents every single person in that department from having to stop what they're doing for administrative tasks.  It’s a very seamless process, and everybody is personally notified along the way, so the entire team knows what’s getting taken care of.


How does Catalytic integrate with your workflow?

One of my favorite things about Catalytic is how it can adjust to my workflow and the tools I already use every day, like our HRIS (JazzHR), our benefits system (ADP), and tools like Slack

One of my favorite ways we use Catalytic is with Slack. When there is a new job posting that goes up, it triggers a Slack notification out to all employees. This is an easy way for us to manage internal referrals. 

Another is for an employee’s first day. It seems small, but one thing that makes a new hire feel special is a new Slack announcement that automatically goes out to welcome them. It's personalized and everybody in the company is aware.

These are the little things that make for a great candidate and employee experience, but that many recruiters wouldn’t have the time to do manually. 

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