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How Catalytic saves time and money for its customers through automation

See the impact of automation through Catalytic's customer success stories.

As the easiest path to break through corporate inertia and deliver true digital transformation, Catalytic partners with our customers to understand the key industry obstacles in their way, forge a path to build automations specific to their business, and help them deliver on their mission.

The legacy systems, technologies and processes that businesses once found efficient have worn out their welcome, likely due to heightened competition, changing customer demands, or a general reshuffling of priorities to hit their revenue targets as industry trends evolve.

We know that ripping out your core systems and replacing them, or changing processes company-wide can be costly, risky, and you may not see return on investment as soon as you’d like.

Enter Catalytic. As a cloud-based, no-code platform, it sits directly on top of your current technologies, and make them work better. The tedious, repetitive and error-prone tasks that bog your company down can be automated, freeing your people up for more creative and strategic work to push your business forward. 

Regardless of your industry, we help your systems communicate together, and our embedded ecosystem of software integrations ensure that any third-party technologies that you currently use are ready for automation. 

We’ve enabled significant time and money savings and greater efficiency for our customers, harnessing them with the necessary tools for revenue growth and competitive edge. 

Take a look at a few of our customers’ success stories:


Dentsu Aegis Network, a global media and digital marketing communications company, dealt with mid-office media activation processes that were repetitive, tedious, time-consuming, and prone to error. 

Using Catalytic’s platform:

  • 68% of manual effort on average has been reduced, in some cases up to 95%
  • Increased efficiency has led to significant overhead savings


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Bosch, a global manufacturing company with more than 400,000 employees, needed an ally to help them move toward true digital transformation, evaluate operations and implement automated processes across HR, procurement, finance and it supply chain.

Using Catalytic’s platform:

  • 5 million tasks have been automated
  • The organization saves 35,000 hours of effort year-over-year

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A major insurance brokerage maintained a manual quote-to-proposal process involving several carriers, which complicated communication and data consolidation and negatively impacted revenue. 

Using Catalytic’s platform:

  • Automating the process saved the company 5,000 manual hours of work, driving 400% ROI year-over-year
  • The organization discovered strategic objectives and find new ways to deliver value to clients


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The manual invoice intake process for a manual global certification company was time-consuming, repetitive and prone to error. Some 1,000 invoices per month were pulled from 30 different systems, slowing processing and causing billing delays.

Using Catalytic’s platform:

  • The business saved $125,000 during the initial automation project, with $1.5 million of potential savings when all invoice processes are automated
  • The solution has been scaled across all 30 systems and is expected to save more than 1,500 hours each year


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A major transportation and logistics leader needed to increase operational efficiency and improve its employee experience. Most of the company's work was tedious and tactical and failed to keep employees engaged, resulting in higher turnover rates. 

Using Catalytic's platform: 

  • The company reduced manual effort by 92%, saving more than $100,000 per year
  • 75% of its overall tasks have been automated, freeing employees up for more meaningful work


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A nationwide healthcare company needed to improve its HR employee capacity in order to meet the evolving needs of its employees, residents, and patients while providing cutting-edge research and treatment. 

Using Catalytic's platform:

  • The company automated 4,000 hours of work within the first six months
  • 40,000 employee hours have been saved by extending the use of Catalytic to additional processes


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Like many companies, one leading provider of international talent and workforce solutions had no shortage of existing tech systems. After investments in systems ranging from big ERPs, CRM, collaboration, productivity, and dozens of point solutions, the company found itself facing a common challenge in the digital transformation journey: the “last mile” gap. 

Using Catalytics platform: 

  • Reduced escalations by 65%.
  • Reduced manual error
  • Improved quality of customer experience


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Hear from Catalytic customer Scott Palmer, COO of Spikeball, share how we worked together to identify workflows and develop solutions to automate them. 

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Written by Kyle Shamorian