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How to calculate automation ROI

We are firm believers in pragmatic use of AI and automation. These technologies can enable you to dramatically reduce manual effort and improve business outcomes for the right use cases.

Though however magical the results may seem, they do require some investment when it comes to buying a platform, then spending some time to build out automated workflows.

But when you choose the right technology for your business and tackle impactful use cases, automation ROI can be exponential and rapid.

How do you calculate ROI for automation?

To help you finding the right use cases with a quick cost/benefit analysis, we built a tool within Catalytic to upgrade the typical ROI calculator experience with the power of AI and automation.

Enter our intelligent Automation cost savings calculator. You can try it now. In just five minutes, you’ll get to experience some of the great intelligent automation features of Catalytic, while generating a ballpark estimate of the potential ROI of automating a real process in your business.

What does the automation calculator do?

This calculator asks a few simple questions about a business process that you'd like to automate in your job, and then it outputs a PowerPoint slide with roughly reasonable estimates for:

  • Automation potential
  • Estimated build effort
  • Time and cost savings
  • ROI and payback period


How does it work?

This calculator uses a number of Catalytic’s intelligent automation features to provide this result:

  1. A web form that can be shared publicly enables people to type out their real use cases.
  2. To determine the automation opportunities, Catalytic uses natural language processing to analyze your response, then applies fuzzy matching against a data table of different types of automation features to find the features that will most likely be leveraged in your use case.
  3. To estimate the overall automation potential, we filter the table of fuzzy matches and then average the values in the column.
  4. Formulas and basic math calculate the time and cost savings, ROI and payback period.
  5. Tasks are assigned to our team at Catalytic to validate the inputs if the calculations appear outside the typical range.
  6. The values are dynamically inserted into a PowerPoint slide template.
  7. The slide is emailed as an attachment to the person who submitted the web form.

Try it now.

Beyond the ROI calculator

When it comes to making decisions on automation for your job department or presenting it to your CFO, you'll probably want a deeper exploration into the business case first. 

The automation calculator can serve as a means to rapidly assess a business process for its automation potential, but for high-reward automations, we recommend performing a more in-depth cost/benefit analysis.

Catalytic's Discovery Workshop offers guidance on discovery sessions to provide a framework, toolset and services to not only calculate robust ROI calculations, but also:

  • Define automation strategy
  • Prioritize the pipeline of automation opportunities
  • Manage the implementations
  • Report on status and value after implementation

More than a technology provider, Catalytic is a true partner on your automation journey. Learn more about building a business case for automation and bringing workflow solutions to your job or organization. Start a Catalytic Discovery Workshop with us.