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Integration Platform as a Service

See how IPaaS can connect your data and systems

How Catalytic goes beyond IPaaS


More robust automation

IPaaS is great for simple, two or three-step automations, while Catalytic can handle the same tasks, plus the rest of a larger process. Create an end-to-end workflow that uses integrations and other automation features like smart web forms, task routing, document generation, data processing and text analysis, even machine learning.

cost effective@2x

Custom integrations

While Catalytic has a long list of popular turnkey integrations, you aren’t limited. Our platform allows you to create custom integrations and API steps for your unique set of platforms and processes.

no-code flexibility@2x


The built-in, self-managing data tables at the core of your workflows makes a big difference in your processes. See everything going on in your integrated processes, reference dynamic data in any step, and monitor areas for improvement with an automatic operational insights dashboard.


Workflow interface

Unlike most IPaaS software, Catalytic isn’t only meant for behind-the-scenes integration and connection. Our platform lets you build and run integrated workflows, but it also doubles as a simple, end-user interface for your team to complete and manage tasks related to your processes, making automated workflows more practical and human-friendly.

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