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Hyperautomation is the combination of multiple machine learning (ML), packaged software and automation tools to deliver work.

How Catalytic enables hyperautomation

At Catalytic, we see hyperautomation as a cloud-based, integrated platform that sits on top of the tools you already have in place, taking your processes from automated to intelligent. What are these tools and what technologies are embedded in them? Here are a few.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

 RPA is often a company’s first step towards automation. It’s focused on automating specific tasks that are part of a process, but not the full process itself. The goal of RPA is to maximize efficiency and employee productivity.


Digital Process Automation (DPA)

This type of automation goes beyond the task-based automation of RPA. DPA tools orchestrate the end-to-end workflow of your business operations, connecting your people, data, and system workflows.


Digital Process Automation (DPA)

AI is the key to your processes getting smarter over time. Technologies like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) give platforms human-like abilities.


Advanced Analytics

When all processes are digital, they leave an audit trail of data that can be analyzed in order to make better decisions. Layering advanced reporting capabilities on top of your automation technology can help you maximize value and ROI.

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