Catalytic Workflow Insights

Built-in operational intelligence for your workflows




Workflow Status

See a breakdown of:

  • Average cycle time
  • Total number of finished workflows
  • Totals on completed, skipped, queued or failed tasks

Task Summaries

See a breakdown of:

  • Average task duration for each step
  • Visualization of most time-consuming tasks

Instance visualization

Get a complete picture of:

  • All process steps from start to finish
  • A snapshot of each time Catalytic ran through the process


What is operational intelligence?

Learn more about operational intelligence, continuous improvement, and how you can use Catalytic Workflow Insights for both.

See what our customers have to say

The real value comes in its ability to elevate the experiences of our employees and use our data to make better decisions. Operationally, Catalytic is game changing for us.
Kate P.
Lead of New Technologies, HR, Mayo Clinic
Catalytic enables us to have standardized ways of handling manual work and automagically handles tasks that don’t require uniquely human ingenuity and creativity.
Val L.
Director of Platform Product, UL
We see Catalytic as a tool that not only allows us to automate, but also create documentation around workflow.
Scott P.
Chief Operating Officer, Spikeball

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