Digitize faster, smarter, leaner

Where traditional automation fails, Catalytic scales.


The only platform to rapidly build end-to-end smart workflows

Catalytic makes digital agility possible, faster. It’s the only platform that connects your people, data and systems from end to end to build a faster, leaner business by empowering your users to rapidly build no-code, smart workflows. Through data management automation, your workflows become even smarter, helping you make better decisions for your business.



All of your systems in one place

Easily connect the technologies you already have in place and reduce friction across your tech stack. Quickly add new capabilities instead of finding, learning and integrating disconnected point systems.

Ease of use

The Catalytic platform is simple enough for your average business user and powerful enough for IT or developers. 

A flexible usage model

Don’t let pricing be a barrier to success for reaching automation scale. Achieve frictionless growth with predictable costs and less overhead.

A journey to self-sufficiency

Catalytic provides a proven customer success path for faster scaling and upskilling. Instead of outsourcing to costly consultants, empower your business to own its transformation with our guidance.

Business Users

Does not apply

The Catalytic advantage


Business used, IT-approved

In one collaborative platform, technical and non-technical groups alike can build and manage smart workflows under decentralized governance—the most impactful automation structure. From developers and IT, to analysts and the average employee, Catalytic provides an experience for all levels to build and monitor automated workflows, or simply, to complete tasks in the platform as end users. See how we can help.


Choose compatibility, not a category

Most end-to-end processes can’t be solved by one type of technology alone. That's why Catalytic combines capabilities that cross tech categories—like BPA, IPaaS, no-code, and AI—while being open-ended to add new features. Catalytic's breadth of easy-to-use capabilities empowers you to deliver practical and holistic solutions as dynamic as your real life, real-time processes. Learn more about our platform.


A partner, not just a provider

Through process discovery sessions, trainings, change management workshops and continued support, we set you up for success on a guided journey to help you use our platform to optimize your people, data, and other platforms for transformative and proven results. Learn more about our customer journey.


Be digitally prepared for the unknown

Older technologies like RPA emulate adaptable humans with inflexible bots, essentially calcifying the very processes your company needs to move beyond. Catalytic’s platform is user-friendly and lightweight, enabling many more people across the organization to continuously improve and respond quickly to changing factors, business processes, and customer needs. Explore our resource library.

Our customers operate faster and without friction

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