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Where traditional automation fails, Catalytic scales.

The Catalytic advantage


We understand your productivity challenges

Catalytic was founded by operations specialists that noticed how processes were inefficient because data and workflows were stored in spreadsheets that:
  • Required manual processes
  • Contained errors
  • Were distributed across many devices
  • Were insecure and outside the oversight of IT

To solve problems like these, we built a workflow platform that makes it easy to reduce the friction in operations. The team continues to focus on innovating ways to make building workflows easier and faster.


Focused on people

While automation is important, processes are still about people. The Catalytic platform is designed to help workers throughout an organization to be more efficient through automating business processes and workflows.

We have designed a solution that is simple enough for less technical business users yet features tools for the professional developer. Regardless of technical skill sets, users can easily create workflows that streamline operations.

From global powerhouses to nimble startups - our customers use Catalytic to do more with less

Catalytic vs. RPA

Although we automate repetitive tasks, Catalytic is not an RPA because we assemble end-to-end workflows that scale, rather than singular tasks.



Mimic repetitive human activity

Supports workflows

Technical skills required to build and maintain automations


Collaboration and accountability

Process visibility


Business Users

Does not apply

Catalytic vs. building your own custom system

Catalytic can get you up and running much more efficiently than building custom software.


Build your own

Time and cost effective

Implement and learn Catalytic in a few weeks, versus many months to custom build.


Every time a workflow changes, you need to reprogram your process, rather than simply reconfiguring actions with Catalytic.

Strategic contribution of IT

Give your IT more time to strategize how tech and data can improve operations, instead of building new features for business users.

Business Users

Does not apply

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