Finance and accounting automation

One platform to automate your finance and accounting operations.

Tedious steps and human errors hold you back. Accelerate the pace of business and lower risk.

You can’t control the market. But you can take control of your workflows with solutions like AP automation to achieve your finance and accounting goals in real time. Use Catalytic to do more—with less effort, cost and risk.


Peak efficiency for any finance process.

Save time and effort with accounting automation and AI to work through the steps that don’t require human intelligence, while looping in people with automated forms and task routing.


Cross-departmental transparency.

Get built-in intelligence and full visibility into all tasks, data and steps across existing finance tech, so you know what’s going on across teams and processes.


Compliance and reporting, handled.

Automated steps reduce risk when your processes are completed the right way, every time. And with structured data at your fingertips, it’s easier to stay audit-ready. 

Case Study

Invoicing automation process. 90% hands-off.

Catalytic helped one global certification company create a new invoice intake process that automated 90% of the manual work, driving an immediate $125,000 in cost savings.

Your financial tech stack. Our smart workflow technology.

Catalytic sits on top of your current systems to make them more automatic and connected to the rest of your processes. Integrate your smart workflow with any of the apps you use today in your financial operations.

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