Smart workflows for sales & customer operations

One platform to automate your sales and customer success processes.

Catalytic for customer ops

Repetitive tasks are holding you back. Create the digital, streamlined experiences that differentiate.

High demands don’t have to mean disorganization. Take control of your workflows to ensure quick, quality processing, even during peaks. Use Catalytic to see into all steps of your ops, respond rapidly to change and exceed expectations.

reduce cycle time

Peak efficiency for any customer process.

Save time with automation and AI tech to take care of the steps that don’t require human intelligence, while automatically connecting people—like customers, employees and managers— with notifications, web forms and task routing.

customer visibility

Visibility across teams and systems.

Get full visibility into all tasks, data and automated steps, so you always know what’s going on with your prospects and customers and respond to their needs at any stage. Plus, use built-in operational intelligence to improve.


Make it digital and personal.

With Catalytic automating and routing high volumes of outreach, inquiries, tasks and data management, you can provide the fast, digital experiences your customers expect, while freeing up time for reps to deepen client relationships.

Case Study

Automatic quote workflow saves 5,000 hours annually

Learn how one insurance company automated its quote-to-proposal workflow with Catalytic, reducing the processing time per quote to approximately one minute while saving employees thousands of hours.

Your sales and customer tools. Our smart workflow technology.

Catalytic can sit on top of your current systems to make them more automatic and connected to the rest of your processes. Integrate your smart workflow with any of the apps you use today in your sales and customer operations.

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Take the first step to smarter customer ops

Let us show you firsthand what’s possible with Catalytic for your sales and customer success team.

In our 20-minute demo:  
  • Get a personalized tour of the platform
  • Learn how your team can build automated workflows
  • Start to identify your most impactful use cases