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Smart workflows for the way your procurement, sourcing and logistics processes should be.

Catalytic for procurement

Unlock your procurement potential

Coordinating people, paperwork and platforms is part of the procurement management process. The amount of time it takes doesn’t have to be. Use Catalytic for procurement automation to take the guesswork and the busywork out of your process cycle and supply chain.
Deliver more

Deliver more

Remove bottlenecks and shorten the procurement process cycle while increasing accuracy so you can focus on producing more quality.

Strategize better

Strategize better

Catalytic can help you make better-informed decisions by gathering accurate data and metrics for spend analysis, quality assurance, benchmarking, market research and vendor feedback.

Think bigger

Think bigger

Empower your team to focus on strategic procurement and strengthening your supplier networks instead of time-consuming manual and tactical work.

How procurement teams use Catalytic

Improve supplier data quality

Essential data is often stored in multiple locations, in differing formats, and with missing or outdated information. Catalytic can automate data management by taking unstructured data, integrating it with your systems of record, and automatically updating it for clean, consolidated, and useful data that saves time and lowers risk.

Simplify supplier agreements and compliance

Automatically generate contracts and agreements with suppliers. Catalytic can pull supplier onboarding information into existing templates and send for review and electronic signature. And use our platform for supplier management and to track certification and insurance with automated requests for proper documentation to be uploaded. When suppliers are not in compliance, Catalytic can send reminders until they are. Then you can automate compliance reports and analytics for suppliers on-demand.

Standardize purchasing processes

Catalytic takes care of tedious and transactional work like processing payments, creating documents like receipts and invoices, collecting e-signatures, updating spreadsheets, and sending reminders when people are late in completing tasks. Catalytic can automate all of this to create seamless workflows across your internal systems and external supplier networks.

Case Study

1,500 days of manual work saved

Learn how Bosch saved more than 1,500 days of manual effort while reducing human error by automating supplier contract compliance with Catalytic.

Your supply chain tools. Our intelligent automation technology.

Catalytic sits on top of your current systems to make them more automatic and connected to the rest of your processes. Integrate your workflows with any of the apps you use today in your supply chain operations.

Quickbooks Coupa Excel Outlook SAP Ariba Hellosign

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