Automation for operations

With Catalytic, you can do more with the resources you have.


Reach for operational excellence

Complete your to-do list more efficiently and profitably.

Plan proactively

Maximize your resources by anticipating demand and capacity, then plan accordingly with automatic calculations, outreach and scheduling.

Assess quickly

Use Catalytic’s automatic analytics and reporting to take action and adapt to change or operational weaknesses.

Execute smoothly

Meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality when you automate repetitive, high-volume processes involving documents, data entry and multiple departments.
Case Study

Risk of human error eliminated in contract compliance

Global manufacturing company Bosch automated a process to verify supplier contract compliance. It used Catalytic to import all documents, extract and structure key terms from 69,000-plus contracts. By automating the process, the company saved more than 1,500 days of effort while eliminating the risk of human error.

Your operations software. Our intelligent automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps you currently use in your operations role.

Our customers digitize fast and without friction.

Optimize your operations

Let us show you how easy it is to adopt automation in your organization's processes with Catalytic.

Optimize your operations
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