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Put the ‘human’ back in human resources by creating better employee experiences.

Catalytic for HR

Automation for human resources

We don’t want to replace your core HRIS and other technologies. We want to improve how you use them for digital transformation. We have hundreds of turnkey HR system integrations so your people and our automation tools can quickly process data and speed up your operations.
Hire faster

Hire faster

Identify only candidates that are an ideal fit for your company, increase speed-to-hire and streamline the recruitment process overall with better digital HR solutions.

Retain employees

Retain employees

Engage with employees within the normal flow of their workday with consistent touchpoints of communication, and troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.

Optimize experience

Optimize experience

Automate admin work and focus on the employee and culture experience that build relationships and create an efficient and healthy work environment.

How human resources teams use Catalytic

Recruiting and onboarding

Speed up your sourcing and pre-hire activities. Let Catalytic weave in and out of your existing digital technologies to take away the manual data processing work from your overworked talent acquisition and recruitment team. Use Catalytic for resume parsing and serve up only the top candidates, help schedule interviews, generate documents, fill out forms and more.

Employee engagement and development

Employee surveys, performance management, leadership and development efforts, awards and recognition, and open enrollment for health benefits are just a few of the many responsibilities on the plate of human resources teams. Managing these workflows for communication touchpoints and data processing through automation can help you stay organized, and enables these programs to be more successful.

Headcount reporting

Organizing and reporting on headcount, salaries and productivity company-wide is a vital part of the HR role. This includes full- and part-time employees, temps and freelancers, outside consultants and other third-party vendors. Updating, aggregating and reporting this information from disparate digital systems, and reporting it to your leadership team is done easily with Catalytic's automated digital HR solutions.

Case Study

32 hours of manual work down to 4 hours

As part of digital transformation efforts within HR, our customer was able to reduce the manual effort required to generate reports for capacity planning from 32 hours down to 4 hours using Catalytic.

Your HR software. Our smart automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the digital apps you currently use in your HR department.

Workday SAP SuccessFactors Oracle Icims Outlook Docusign Slack

Optimize your HR efforts

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Optimize your HR efforts
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