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Catalytic for Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting

Tracking the financial health of your company is vitally important, but so often finance and accounting teams get bogged down with spreadsheets and manual reporting. From managing invoices to inputting data into your financial systems, Catalytic can automate manual work to cut costs, reduce risk, and improve efficiency, while creating opportunities for your team to do more strategic work.

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Catalytic for Human Resources

Human resources

HR teams need to accomplish many disparate tasks, and making sure they’re completed in the necessary order by a certain deadline takes a lot of time and energy best utilized elsewhere. Combining our technology with your people, recruiting, hiring, employee outreach and communication become a breeze.

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Catalytic for IT


Leading the digital transformation of your company is a challenging task, so you need a platform that not only provides AI and automation capabilities, but can also scale across the enterprise. Catalytic provides you with complete governance and control, while freeing up employee resources by enabling the process experts within business units to configure and maintain their own automations.

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Catalytic for Operations


Keeping your business running smoothly requires a focus on high-level plans and projects that fuel efficiency and growth—not the administrative tasks that lead up to them. Catalytic can help you prepare documents for leadership meetings, manage performance reviews, and look up, create and edit customer account information. By implementing operations automation, you can execute and measure more actionable work.

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Catalytic for Procurement

Procurement and sourcing

With so much data to manage and analyze, efficient communication with vendors and suppliers is key. Catalytic coordinates compliance certifications and insurance documentation, automates vendor feedback, limits data entry errors, updates your systems of record and enables your team to focus on the bigger picture. Using the cloud, your data is secure, connected, and easily reportable.

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