Make RPA more automatic

Next generation automation unites digital and human work.

Make RPA more automatic with Catalytic

The next step in your RPA strategy

Catalytic’s platform empowers you to revolutionize your entire business, making all of your digital efforts stronger and more efficient. We create pivotal impact for the future, not incremental change.


Automate more

By structuring data and orchestrating RPA inputs, outputs and triggers, Catalytic can help you add automation to more of your workflows.


Add agility

Adding Catalytic’s smart web forms, data tables, and integrations to RPA, you can create processes that work with more people inside and outside your organization to connect better to your dynamic environment.


Configure easily

Catalytic is open-ended to connect to everything in your tech stack. Automations are compatible with the APIs, custom scripts or RPA bots you use.

How Catalytic supplements RPA

Expand your automation efforts

Catalytic can make automation efforts accessible to more users beyond IT. Our business user-friendly automation platform can empower employees company-wide to build new automations and trigger RPA bots easier.

Improve RPA inputs and outputs

Catalytic can structure data and improve data quality. By improving the information that goes into an RPA system, you can increase the quality of work it returns.

Augment your bots

Catalytic leverages the latest technology, built-in and made simple with no extra research or contracts required. With Catalytic, you automatically bring the leading OCR, eSignature, NLP, and AI capabilities into your automation toolkit.

Case Study

Bosch rapidly scales automation efforts with Catalytic

With RPA tools already in play at Bosch, Catalytic connected to this existing technology stack to scale and unlock more value, automating more than 5 million tasks with Catalytic in less than a year.

Your software. Our smart automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps in your automation toolkit.

Our customers digitize fast and without friction.