Automation for document processing

Extract text from files to go from unstructured information to structured data you can use.

Identify and extract key data

Catalytic can read documents do you don't have to. Then it can automatically pull key data from PDFs, Word docs and other files to use in the next step of a larger automated process.

Avoid manual review

Extract data from invoices and contracts and automatically add it to a database for faster billing, tracking and reporting.


Reduce error

Minimize the common typos and data entry errors associated with transferring information from a document to a system.

Optimize employee time

Free up time otherwise spent on parsing documents for employees to do more strategic, meaningful, and creative work.

How Catalytic customers automate document processing

Take automatic action on invoices

Vendor and other third-party invoices come in differing formats with unstructured data. Using Catalytic’s optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities, you can scan invoices for specific information like vendor, date, and total amount owed, then use that data for automatic reconciliation or verification.

Master data management

Connect your third-party platforms to Catalytic, enabling you to scan documents coming from multiple places, record OCR results, structure data, handle exceptions, resolve duplicates and consolidate everything into the tight systems of record to maintain meaningful and accurate data. 

Make automatic approvals

Catalytic’s document processing capabilities can transfer all of your data from disparate documents into data tables. From there, Catalytic can apply machine learning for predictive modeling to make automatic recommendations on document approvals and forecast other results.

Case Study

$125K saved with automated invoice process

Catalytic helped one global certification company design a new invoice intake process that automated 90% of the manual work, driving an immediate $125,000 in cost savings.

Your software. Our smart automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps you currently use in your organization.

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Optimize your documents

Let us show you how easy it is to adopt automation into your document processes with Catalytic.

Optimize document generation
Experience how the Catalytic platform can be customized for your business.