Automation for digital transformation

Scale your technologies and automated processes across the enterprise.

True transformation

Catalytic’s platform empowers you to revolutionize your entire business, making all of your digital efforts stronger and more efficient. We create pivotal impact for the future, not incremental change.


Automate and connect otherwise disparate systems and processes company-wide to deliver unified and efficient operations.



Trade in digitization of single processes for true digital transformation connecting many people, departments, and external resources.



Repurpose time and new efficiencies to create brand new strategies to continuously improve operations, products and customer experiences. 

How Catalytic empowers digital transformation

Scaling made easy

Digitizing single processes or projects can offer some incremental change within your department, but fail to offer a holistic and sustainable transformation company-wide. Catalytic’s flexible, cloud-based platform caters to all processes within any business, enabling your automations to be just as effective as you apply them to the entire enterprise.

Empower the business

Digital technologies often require IT or other tech-savvy departments to implement them, causing a heavy burden and lag time for implementation. Catalytic’s no-code platform enables business users to transform processes without the need for developers or other technical expertise.

New customer strategies

The focal point of every business should be acquiring and retaining customers through a great customer experience. With customer demand and market competition at an all-time high, Catalytic enables you to understand your customer’s needs on a deeper level, and digitally evolve your business to meet them.

Case Study

Scaling 5 million automated tasks at Bosch

In one year, global manufacturing company Bosch used Catalytic to deploy automations to 1,000 enterprise-scale processes across 31 countries, impacting 5 million tasks annually.

Your software. Our intelligent automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps you currently use in your organization.

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Transform your business

Let us show you how easy it is to adopt automation and digital transformation with Catalytic.

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