Empower citizen automators

The key to scaling automation through self-service.

Anyone can automate

With Catalytic, business users can learn to use Catalytic’s intelligent automation platform to build their own processes, even without an IT background.

Upskill employees

With the easiest platform for automation and our three-day training, you can upskill employees to deploy automations quickly to make their familiar business processes more efficient.


Scale 40x faster

IT represents 2.5% of the average company. When business users outside of IT can deploy their own projects, you have 40x more resources to scale.


Specialize more

Your people know their processes best. Giving them the tools to quickly build their own automated solutions eliminates IT bottlenecks and requirement gaps for more effective use.

How citizen developers use Catalytic

Decentralize your efforts

Catalytic uses evolutionary learning to educate, train and empower people to shift their roles to the future of work where anyone can quickly build solutions for their specific needs, eliminating centralized control of technology, project-based approaches that get stuck in pilot purgatory and other barriers to scaling.

Departmental development

By reimagining roles to allow each department to have designated automation builders to leverage easy tools, processes can be quickly tackled head-on by the people who know the opportunities for automation best. When scaled across departments, unlimited innovation and organizational transformation is possible.

Create a federated model

Whether spearheaded by IT or a Center of Excellence, Catalytic primes your business to establish a successful federated model for automation. This saves your business’ technical resources for assistance with advanced programming, governance, strategy and security to lead citizen developers, enabling self-sufficient automation development and change management at scale.

Case Study

Upskilling citizen automators in HR

Within six months, the HR team at an enterprise academic medical center built processes that saved 4,000 hours of work. This led to four employees being promoted within the department to continue scaling automated solutions.

Your software. Our intelligent automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps your employees currently use.

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Expand your automation reach

Let us show you how easy it is for citizen developers to use Catalytic to scale automation.

Optimize document generation
Experience how the Catalytic platform can be customized for your business.