Automation for staffing firms

More automated staffing processes with Catalytic means better experiences for recruiters, clients and candidates.

Catalytic for staffing

Add more power to your personnel services

Catalytic integrates recruitment automation software with AI technology for staffing firms—without replacing personalized service. Our platform automates any of the manual work that prevents you from doing the people-focused recruiting that you do best, so you can make more valuable connections.

Hire faster

Identify the most competitive talent, make more informed decisions and increase speed-to-hire once you’ve found the right fit.

Retain employees and candidates

Improve employee and client experience through personal communication and adapt to regular feedback so you can keep relationships strong and customer voice positive.

Service more

Quicker, easier support for customers means more quality service to customer-specific needs, freeing up valuable time to dedicate to partnership-building and creative recruitment strategies for increased revenue.

How staffing firms use Catalytic


Use Catalytic for every step in the recruitment and application process from automated candidate sourcing to prospecting. Synchronize job postings, collect applications and use document reading technology for resume ranking. Our platform will help you decide who to interview, then schedule the meeting and recommend personalized interview questions. Catalytic will also automatically keep your talent network database up to date and use that list to help you execute fast outreach initiatives and personalized communication.


Once you’ve chosen the right candidate or landed a new customer, Catalytic can drive the entire onboarding process, whether it’s client or independent contractor onboarding. Our platform can securely handle sensitive HR data, generate contracts, collect signatures, process documents and seamlessly guide new hires and customers through any other task to give them a positive and welcoming experience.

Branch operations

With competing agencies looking to poach from the same candidate pool as your own, streamlined branch operations help you keep operating expenses and costs down and profits up. Catalytic can automate middle and back office tasks that are bogging you down, like internal process control, worker-skill matching, contract and credit management, and reporting performance metrics to your corporate office.

Case Study

2,600 hours saved

Catalytic's Smart Workflow automation platform saves Mayo Clinic 2,600 hours annually on a single process by automatically routing the HR department's process of managing employee's health center memberships.

Your recruiting and operations software. Our smart automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps you currently use in your staffing firm.

Our customers digitize fast and without friction.

Optimize your staffing firm

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