Automation for digital manufacturing

With Catalytic, automation in manufacturing takes on a whole new meaning.

Catalytic for manufacturing

Your supply chain is about to get smarter

When you use Catalytic to automate, track, analyze and improve your business processes, you can operate at higher speeds, increase accuracy and produce more value than ever before.

Deliver more

Eliminating process bottlenecks in your pipeline means delivering much more to your customers, faster.

Decrease risk

Catalytic can automate compliance checks, audits and certification updates so you can confidently follow and prove best practices.

Strategize better

Freeing your employees from manual work in spreadsheets, contracts, email and multiple portals will allow them to do more strategic work to grow revenue.

How manufacturing teams use Catalytic

Streamline spreadsheets and document processing

Catalytic accelerates repetitive, heavy document work while increasing the transparency and speed that your customers demand. From quotes, contracts and invoices to scheduling, asset management, financials, and approvals, when employees are assisted by automation, processes get done faster with less human error and more opportunity to track the entire process.

Ramp up resource optimization

Use Catalytic to take advantage of all your business resources, from employees to machinery. Intelligent analysis can predict resource demand then orchestrate the steps to optimize them throughout a process, automatically assigning tasks, managing inventory, gathering data, and communicating with vendors, keeping utilization high.

Quickly adapt to analysis

Whether Catalytic is gathering data from routine customer surveys or from sensors or systems, you can quickly diagnose problems and automate the analysis and reporting of results. Our platform’s calculation and template-filling capabilities can render presentation-worthy analytics to help your business adapt quickly and meet market demand.

Case Study

1,500 days of effort saved. Risk of human error eliminated.

Global manufacturing company Bosch automated a process to verify supplier contract compliance. It used Catalytic to import all documents, extract and structure key terms from 69,000-plus contracts. By automating the process, the company saved more than 1,500 days of effort while eliminating the risk of human error.

Your software. Our intelligent automation technology.

Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps you currently use.

Our customers digitize fast and without friction.

Optimize your manufacturing organization

Let us show you how easy it is to adopt automation in your manufacturing projects with Catalytic.

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