Automation for insurance brokers

Coordinate insurance carriers and customers faster with Catalytic.

Catalytic for insurance

Power your policies

Catalytic can carry out automated insurance solutions to help brokers provide accurate, custom results at the speed of InsureTech, and empowers a more personalized service that only people can give.

Quote faster

Using Catalytic’s automation and AI platform, you can quote, underwrite and bind insurance policies faster than ever before.

Retain more

Create more compelling and consistent customer experiences, adapt quickly to change and sustain continuous underwriting.

Cover smarter

Our predictive analytics will make insurance risk calculation simple, increase accuracy and make your policy recommendations better.

How insurance brokers use Catalytic

Quickly calculate and send quotes

Catalytic can automatically gather multiple insurance quotes, generate a customized document proposal with preliminary coverage and pricing recommendations, then deliver it to a customer. Use our platform to help you assess risk and make recommendations for coverage based on past clients with similar profiles. With reduced turnaround time for insurance quotes, you can respond to customers more quickly and accurately.

Seamlessly onboard new customers

Catalytic can organize collection and intake of key new business and individual customer data for underwriting. After policy approval and activation, use our platform to automatically generate documents like custom welcome packets and certificates of insurance. With Catalytic, you’ll also be able to manage customer and insurance carrier communications in one place with tasks, emails and web forms. With a shorter process, you can onboard significantly more customers.

Improve policy administration

Use Catalytic for all that happens after onboarding. Administer renewals and cancellations automatically. Keep up to date contact lists. Map payment reconciliation. Set regular alerts for policies projected to lapse or expire, then send notifications to customers like premium reminders. Automatically categorize and process claims. Orchestrate a quick fraud check and follow-up notices. With all of this automated with Catalytic, you can focus on better customer service.

Case Study

5,000 hours saved

In just one year, one insurance company automated its quote-to-proposal time by almost 5,000 hours and increased number of total proposals processed by using Catalytic.

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Catalytic can integrate and automate any of the apps you currently use for your insurance processes.

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