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Catalytic for Advertising


Between creatives, clients and account managers, clear communication is an absolute must. Working through campaign logistics, hitting a certain creative tone, and identifying how best to allocate ad spend should be your focus—not managing emails and spreadsheets, which are repetitive and error-prone. Automate these manual tasks so you can focus on driving ad strategy forward.

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Catalytic for Healthcare


Accurate and timely medical record management is crucial in healthcare, but cumbersome. Catalytic is HIPAA-compliant and can handle the many unstandardized charts you work with, match and extract essential information, and use it to communicate across departments. Our smart data tables can help you maintain accurate patient and provider data so your organization can increase the value of its services.

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Insurance Brokerage

Today’s insurance broker needs to improve quality and quantity of bookings to compete with the pace of InsureTech without sacrificing attention to customer service. Catalytic can help with both. Our intelligent automation platform takes care of the manual parts of quote calculation, customer onboarding and policy administration, so brokers can have more time to focus on personalized communication and customer strategy.

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Many of the pieces that go into on-time and in-full delivery—like tracking and tracing, managing destination or date changes, appointment scheduling and freight pay—are tedious, manual processes. Catalytic can help automate these steps so you can streamline operations and save time for greater impact.

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Catalytic for Manufacturing


Managing your entire supply chain is key to manufacturing and distribution. Within the Catalytic platform, document reading can process invoices, smart data tables can track assets and inventory, AI can identify risks, and detailed analytics can run reports for quality assurance and compliance. Then, automated communications and workflows can resolve any issue you face. Catalytic will track, analyze and improve all your business’ moving parts, so you can move at speed and deliver more value.

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Catalytic for Staffing


Recruiting top talent comes with a lot of communication and paperwork that can affect your speed to hire. Catalytic can help with resume matching to find the best candidate, then use automatic communications to schedule interviews. Once you’ve found the right fit, Catalytic takes contractors through the entire onboarding process by generating and processing forms as well as prompting new hires and their employers to complete other tasks.

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Catalytic for Tech


Whether you’re a start-up or scaling tech company, your business operations need to be as smart as the technology you offer. Catalytic can add intelligent automation to your current systems and processes for efficiencies and analytics that will help you keep up with the rapidly changing landscape, disrupt the market and attract the most innovative STEM talent.

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