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Panel: Inside & Out

How Grant Thornton is transforming its internal operations to deliver exceptional customer experience in the wake of Covid-19

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In the wake of Covid-19, companies that have operated in their comfort zones for years have been forced abruptly to fully embrace rapid change. Digital, adaptable companies have the power to transform entire industries. Grant Thornton is on pace to do just that. Join this case study session to learn how Grant Thornton’s technology, go-to-market and back-office teams are building intelligent end-to-end processes to improve customer and employee experiences. With a technology-agnostic, holistic approach, they move faster, adapt to changes and invent new services built on digital infrastructure.


Neil Bahadur Channel Partnerships Catalytic

As a founding member of Catalytic’s business development team, Neil leads Channel Partnerships. Since 2016, he has been driving innovation in a broad range of industries—from advertising to manufacturing—to help organizations achieve unprecedented efficiency with the Catalytic platform. He brings years of experience in computer science and information security, and acts as a trusted advisor on change management for digital transformation. Neil helps motivated businesses identify where automation can deliver the most impact, then he provides simple solutions while fulfilling his mission of upskilling employees for their own professional development and empowering them to leave a positive impact on their business.

Tony Dinola Partner, Advisory Services Grant Thornton

Tony is a versitile business consultant focused on servicing clients in many industries. With deep expertise in technology and his background as a CPA, he is focused on solving business problems across the enterprise.

Tony’s professional experience has centered on large-scale transformations across the finance function and IT systems. His experience has included:

  • Helping merge the finance function of new acquisitions onto acquirer processes and systems
  • Leading program management efforts for ERP projects to accomplish objectives and achieve desired benefits
  • Providing governance models and structure to track progress and address issues and risks
  • Coordinating system testing, conversion, and cutover efforts
  • Adoption of new accounting standards through process re-design efforts and new systems implementations.
Victoria Wind Director, Enterprise Transformation Grant Thornton

Victoria is a director of Strategic Planning in the Enterprise Transformation team at Grant Thornton and has held leadership roles in customer experience strategy at Dell, AIG, EDS, HP, and Accenture. During her years at these Fortune 500 companies, she has specialized in transformation and innovation planning across a variety of industries at the business unit, account, product, and initiative levels. Developed out of her consulting work with dozens of brands in active transformation, Victoria has expertise in building innovation and digital growth visions supported by operational execution and disciplined measurement.

Victoria holds a B.A. in History from Duke University and a M.B.A. from the University of
Texas. She and her husband Martin reside in Prosper, Texas, and have two full-time

How AGS Broke Through the Hype of "Automation Magic" to Seriously Level Up its Customer Operations

There is so much hype about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its life-changing superpowers that companies everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon. Yet, many are struggling to realize meaningful results.

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The team at AGS took a different, more innovative approach to automation and it is delivering in spades. As an example, only three weeks into a new client project, the AGS project management office team reduced escalations by 65% – proactively improving customer satisfaction, reducing human error, and increasing time for team to provide more strategic value.

Bruce Morton from AGS and Sean Chou from Catalytic will share how AGS:

  • built the business case for no-code workflow automation centered around a strategy of improving customer experience and value
  • identified use cases ripe for process re-engineering and automation
  • removed blockers and managed day-to-day project needs
  • realized real results by automating where it makes sense and giving team members a “Process Sherpa”- an invisible guide to ensure they are not automating redundant or low value workflows and processes
Join this complimentary webinar to hear the strategic and tactical lessons from the AGS journey. This story is relevant for heads of HR, procurement, staffing firms and MSPs alike.

Adrianne Nelson, Sr. Director, Global Membership Products, Staffing Industry Analysts

Sean Chou, CEO & Co-Founder, Catalytic
Bruce Morton, Global Head of Strategy, Allegis Global Solutions

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Sean Chou CEO and Co-Founder Catalytic

As the co-founder and CEO of Catalytic, Sean leads the charge on product design and company strategy, and builds relationships with customers, channels and investors. As a lifelong technologist and true SaaS pioneer, Sean loves turning complex business problems into simple solutions.

Featured Speaker
Bruce Morton Global Head of Strategy Allegis Global Solutions

Bruce is in his 40th year in the human capital industry and is well known as a global workforce design and talent acquisition expert. He has designed, implemented and managed some of the largest resourcing solutions across many different parts of the globe and has been recognized as HR Thought Leader of the Year by HRO both in EMEA and here in the US and he recently published a book ‘Redesigning the Way Work Works’ so check that out on Amazon.

Panel: Change, Improve, Automate

How to identify smart workflows and transform your organization

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Learn how to identify inefficiencies in your organization and discover how to execute effective workflows that will create the digital agility your organization needs. Walk away with actionable steps to get started today.


Event Moderator
Nasir Feerasta Sales Engineer Catalytic

Join our Sales Engieer, Nasir Feerasta, as he gives a quick tour of the Catalytic platform and dives into different use cases.

By the end, you will be able to see just how easy it is is to build a smart workflow and see it running in action within Catalytic.