Don't Let These 7 Automation Technology Myths Hold You Back

Automation technology has evolved. Have your perceptions about what's possible kept up?


Catalytic debunked 7 of the most common automation myths. In this eBook, we get real about:

  • Types of automation

  • Low-code/no-code

  • Governance and citizen development

  • Implementation and scaling

  • Questions to ask when choosing an automation provider

Learn why these shortcomings are happening


Organizations that depend on unstandardized spreadsheets across the majority of the business


Digital transformations that fail


Employees who report wasting at least 1 month on friction from workplace apps

Myth: We aren’t “implementation-ready” yet


Many companies want to take the automation leap, but just don’t know when the “right time” is. Catalytic CEO and Co-founder Sean Chou explains the myth of the "perfect time" for automation.

Today’s economic environment demands that your digital operations keep pace. Automation enables this, but you need to overcome any misconceptions holding you (and your stakeholders) back first.

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