10 Digital Trends Driving Your Operations Strategy in 2021

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The global economic disruption of 2020 has left leaders grappling with ever-shifting market dynamics and business priorities. How companies operate with technology in these times will ultimately decide their fate. Follow these trends to gain momentum in 2021 and beyond.

Leaders are using new tech and skills to evolve digital operations


Enterprises that will use at least four low-code tools by 2024


Share of app development that will be low-code by 2024


Leaders attributing lack of tech talent as the largest barrier to innovation


Your template to make impact

Turn trends into action. Included in this eBook is the top 3 ways to get started for each role.

Catalytic automation report understanding doesn't lead to implementation
Finance operatons

Drive a more dynamic finance function

Catalytic automation report scaling automation
Supply chain operations

Anti-fragile procurement, logistics and supply chain

Catalytic automation report consensus across departments
People operations

Productivity, agility and resilience in HR

Catalytic automation report priorities across lines of business
Customer operations

More efficient, dynamic CX

Digitizing processes requires ongoing iteration to keep pace with our frenetic rate of economic, technology, and customer change.

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