End-to-end process automation

Reduce manual data processing tasks by 50-100%

Catalytic is helping to forge the way for a more human-centric and data-centric era of enterprise automation. The Catalytic platform orchestrates complex processes that include people, bots, and data. Your employees can focus on higher-value knowledge work while your business can become more profitable, efficient, and compliant. The platform has four key feature sets: Triggers, Workflow Orchestration, Actions, and Data Tables.


Activate your automations

Triggers kick off the automation process. Popular triggers include emails, web forms, or a status change in one of your systems. You can also schedule or manually set triggers.


Collect and process data

Web forms are super simple to set up and are often used to trigger the first step in data collection and form-processing automations.

Workflow Orchestration

Assemble processes with a supercharged task manager

The workflow orchestration engine seamlessly coordinates the flow of work between people, bots, and systems.

Workflow Orchestration

Monitor events in real-time

Stay on top of your processes in real-time with dashboards and proactive alerts.


Create and work with actions

Actions are universal building blocks of automations. They handle the "what happens" and they can be set up at any point during your workflow.


Use over 200 actions

Our library of actions can automate many common business activities. Each week new actions become available.

Data Tables

Take advantage of a self-managed data layer

Each time your Actions run, data is automatically stored in self-managed Data Tables. Use as a data bus to transfer data during processes or for audit tracking and reporting.

Data Tables

Automate even smarter with machine learning

Build a machine learning model from a data table field with just four clicks. Use (and train) the predictive action to take on cognitive tasks within your processes.

Data Tables

Put your data to work for you

Embed live data table fields into your web forms in order to automatically verify information or gather updates from your employees, suppliers or customers.

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