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Catalytic Collaborates with Automation Anywhere to Power Human-Centric Automation

CHICAGO, IL -- April 29, 2019 -- Catalytic, an automation cloud leader, today announced a technology alliance partnership with Automation Anywhere, a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to help businesses transition to the next era of automation.

The Catalytic Automation Cloud provides organizations with process orchestration and integration capabilities, giving business users tools to create processes that involve multiple people, bots, and an extensive library of services. With this partnership, companies can also extract structured data from unstructured documents, quickly manipulate large volumes of data, and leverage hundreds of built-in and turnkey integrations with enterprise technologies. Companies can also maximize and scale their automation investments through this alliance.

“We have entered an age where businesses must redesign their workforces with a combination of people and digital workers, such as RPA bots. Automation Anywhere has developed one of the most sophisticated intelligent automation platforms with software bots,” said Sean Chou, CEO and co-founder of Catalytic. “We look forward to helping to connect Automation Anywhere bots to the extended enterprise, with complex workflows involving employees, customers, and suppliers.”

“We are excited to add Catalytic to the Automation Anywhere Technology Alliance Program partner ecosystem,” said Griffin Pickard, Director of the Technology Alliance Program at Automation Anywhere. “The Catalytic automation cloud complements Automation Anywhere’s intelligent and intuitive RPA platform and we look forward to building a strong partnership.”

Problem and Solution
According to McKinsey, 45% of work that is being done today could be automated with technology that already exists in the marketplace. There is a movement to change the way work is done, respecting the work that people need to do, but use automation to free them up to do things that require human skill and ingenuity. But only three percent of businesses have actually been able to scale their digital workforce

Catalytic’s automation cloud orchestrates the many components required for human-centric automation. With an approachable cloud-based UX and computing capabilities, it connects to systems, including OCR, machine learning, and cognitive capabilities -- making it easier for companies to consume people-based business services.

“Catalytic is one of our partners and is helping to power automation at Bosch with its accelerated automation building interface, and human-centric workflows,” said Irfan Ali, RPA head at Bosch Service Solutions. “We use automation within our service design approach, where we create complex solutions based on the needs of the customers and the business goals. We bring forth process optimization and a positive customer experience through the work of our service experts and modern technologies working side by side. Using RPA, we are working together with Catalytic and Automation Anywhere.”

There are a number of compelling use cases on how the two companies can help support businesses with an integrated offering based on this new partnership:

--Deploy Catalytic smart forms to collect information from employees, customers, and vendors, and then deploy software bots from Automation Anywhere to automatically enter the forms into an on-premise system.

--Use Catalytic to gather, extract, and harmonize unstructured data from multiple sources to create a standardized file, and then utilize bots from Automation Anywhere to update a desktop application or mainframe.

--Initiate bots from Automation Anywhere at multiple points in an end-to-end Catalytic process with a waiting period that gives human workers the ability to make decisions and enter data.

--Hand off exceptions with bots from Automation Anywhere to employees through Catalytic who are best suited for higher-value knowledge work.

The combined capabilities will help businesses gain both top-line growth and bottom-line efficiency.

“It’s an exciting time for enterprise automation,” said Ted Shelton, chief customer officer at Catalytic. “It’s no longer about ‘man versus machine’. It’s about machine at the service of people, and we are proud to be leading this innovation with best-in-class partners such as Automation Anywhere.”

About Catalytic
Catalytic, a leader in Cloud-based automation, is helping to forge the way for the next era of enterprise automation, which is more human-centric, more data-driven, and more dedicated to transforming the world’s most important industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, media, and others.

The Catalytic platform -- the first of its kind -- provides businesses with an intelligent automation layer to easily create and manage complex processes that include people, bots, and an extensive library of services. By automating these processes -- and effectively mining unstructured data -- the platform liberates the modern workforce to focus on higher-value challenges while helping to make businesses more efficient, agile, and profitable.

Backed by a strong team of investors including NEA and Intel Capital, Catalytic works with market leaders in the US, EMEA, and Asia, including Bosch, Dentsu Aegis Network, Mayo Clinic and UL. For more information, visit

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