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By combining our no-code digital, automation and AI features, the potential for your workflows is endless.


Catalytic's capabilities

With our human-centric, holistic, and highly-visible automation features, say goodbye to disparate processes and siloed activities. Connect tasks and data in your everyday processes and standardize your most common workflows. Once your people are coordinated, power up by adding more automation and AI steps where they make the most impact.


No-code builder and workflow engine

Create and run digitized workflows that automatically assign and orchestrate a variety of dynamic tasks, notifications and webforms across an entire process. Then oversee everything in progress with the visibility to track every step.

  • No-code and rules-based outline builder to turn common operating procedures into standardized, automatic workflows
  • Route tasks through a workflow so your process completed the right way, every time
  • Send notifications and emails with alerts, tasks, forms or deliverables throughout your workflow

Workflow engine

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Workflow-powered environment

A workflow can be put in motion at any point in your existing digital environment. Trigger a process immediately after a form submission, an email is received, on a scheduled basis, or when a status changes in another system.

  • Workflow-powered web forms automate and assign tasks for surveys, inquiries, requests and more.
  • Workflow-powered inboxes can route and process high volumes of email communications or incoming notifications and documents.
  • Workflow triggers can also include API requests, scheduling logic, system events, or even the outcome of another workflow.

Workflow Triggers


Data layer and machine learning

Catalytic automates everything at the data level for the most powerful and dynamic type of automation. This also allows the platform’s digital infrastructure to act as a system of record for your processes and even enable machine learning.

  • Self-managed data tables are at the core of every workflow, providing an automatic audit trail.
  • Data security is enterprise-grade, meaning encrypted, permissioned and controlled via governance tools.
  • Predictive models are made easy. Use large data sets collected to add machine learning to almost any step. 

Machine learning

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Automated actions

Catalytic offers hundreds of automation and AI-powered building blocks that you can add in order to evolve your workflows. Click on each automation category below to learn more:

  • Data processing allows you to automate Excel and spreadsheet tasks and reporting.
  • Text analysis allows you to use sentiment analysis, OCR, and fuzzy matching.
  • Document assembly allows you to generate deliverables like Word documents and Powerpoint presentations from any template.
  • Integrations and APIs can automate and bridge the gap between many common, cloud systems.
  • Browser automation allows you to automate simple, repetitive tasks done on websites.



Built-in operational intelligence

Catalytic automatically organizes data from each of your processes into Insights—an operational intelligence dashboard for visibility and continuous improvement.

  • Potential bottlenecks will be flagged based on breakdowns of average time each step is taking to complete.
  • Performance monitoring is built in to flag common errors and automatically route break-fix tasks.
  • Continuous improvement is what Catalytic workflows are made for. Use Insights data to identify areas that need more efficiency, accuracy and automation. Then make the updates to your workflow in real time.

Workflow Insights

Catalytic Academy

Learn how to use all of Catalytic’s features in this self-paced virtual learning experience. Whether starting at a no-code, low-code, or developer level, use Catalytic Academy to help upgrade your automation and AI skills.

Enterprise-ready and open-ended

IT-approved governance and security features

With Catalytic, IT can have no fear of citizen developers using no-code tech. Built-in data governance, publishing, and security controls are enterprise-grade for safe citizen development. Let business users build workflows for the problems they know best, assisting with advanced help when needed, while saving time for the tech projects that are a better use of your team’s time and advanced skills.


Here’s an overview of the guardrails in place:

  • Workflow staging, testing, review, publishing and approval process
  • Low-maintenance infrastructure 
  • Built-in error handling
  • Quick editing, changes and improvements
  • Data visibility, traceability and audit trail capture
  • Security and permissioning
  • SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliance

Powerful features for developers

Built-in support and resources

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