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Improve operational performance with processes built around people and data



Catalytic capabilities

Catalytic is a workflow automation platform that enables virtually anyone to create automated processes quickly by assembling and configuring pre-built software and service components without writing code.

Automate your most common business tasks without code

Document assembly: Automatically generate reports, documents, spreadsheets, and slide decks.

Data processing: Automatically transform, manipulate, calculate and consolidate data. Build processes that move data from one spreadsheet to another or filter and pivot records.

Automate across multiple systems: Automate tasks in third party systems. Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive, post to Slack, schedule a meeting in Outlook, request a signature in DocuSign and more.

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Embed automation across your operations with digital workflows

Don’t just automate individual tasks, create workflows that bridge gaps and streamline entire processes.

Workflow triggers: Configure triggers to kick off workflows when events such as inbound emails, form submissions, or changes in third party systems occur. Or, link together workflows by configuring one workflow to trigger another.

Web forms: Create forms to collect data and initiate requests. Leverage business rules within forms to validate data or provide instantaneous feedback.

Task assignment and routing: Automatically assign tasks and route assignments based on logic you can easily implement with drop-down menus and custom text fields.

Notifications: Deliver alerts, tasks, forms or deliverables through a variety of channels to keep everyone on task and up to date.


Integrate structured and unstructured data with AI and APIs

Text analysis: Access data buried in natural language text with AI. Use artificial intelligence for sentiment analysis, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and fuzzy matching to digitize text.

Structure and format data to make it more accessible by formatting formulas to incorporate otherwise unstructured data into your processes and workflows.

Integrate Catalytic with all your existing systems. Leverage over 50 pre-built connectors, create a custom integration or connect almost any API.

Consolidate data in single systems of record. With a consolidated data source, creating predictive models and enriching and validating data becomes much easier.

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Get Insights and iterate for process improvement

Manage, improve, and iterate with complete process visibility. Use Insights—an operational intelligence dashboard to analyze every workflow.

Flag potential bottlenecks and identify errors.

Measure and monitor workflow performance to identify opportunities for improvement.

Fix issues easily with tight integration between monitoring dashboards and workflow builder.

Explore Catalytic Workflow Insights

Expand technical resources and upskill your entire workforce.

Catalytic automatically organizes data from each of your processes into Insights—an operational intelligence dashboard for visibility and continuous improvement.

The Catalytic platform was designed to be used throughout the organization by professionals with all levels of technical ability.

  • Business users can build workflows.
  • Business analysts and technologists with scripting skills can build more sophisticated digitization processes.
  • Professional developers can build custom functionality with advanced features and an SDK.
  • IT managers can control the whole process with governance features.
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Catalytic Academy

Learn how to use all of Catalytic’s features in this self-paced virtual learning experience. Whether starting at a no-code, low-code, or developer level, use Catalytic Academy to help upgrade your automation and AI skills.

Enterprise-ready and open-ended

IT-approved governance and security features

With Catalytic, IT can have no fear of citizen developers using no-code tech. Built-in data governance, publishing, and security controls are enterprise-grade for safe citizen development. Let business users build workflows for the problems they know best, assisting with advanced help when needed, while saving time for the tech projects that are a better use of your team’s time and advanced skills.


Here’s an overview of the guardrails in place:

  • Workflow staging, testing, review, publishing and approval process
  • Low-maintenance infrastructure 
  • Built-in error handling
  • Quick editing, changes and improvements
  • Data visibility, traceability and audit trail capture
  • Security and permissioning
  • SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliance

Powerful features for developers

Built-in support and resources

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