No-code/low-code automation software

What is low-code automation?

Automate manual tasks and processes

Low-code and no-code solutions use rules-based technology to standardize and automate the things you currently do manually. Think: handoffs between employee tasks, notifications, processing forms, data entry, deliverable creation and more. You build it to suit your team’s processes and people. And with many platforms, you can do it with little or no code.

Regardless of industry and across roles—from HR and finance to supply chain and customer success—the operations of any department in any company can be transformed according to your unique needs. With no-code/low-code automation and smart workflows, companies can operate faster, more efficiently and without friction.

Make your work flow. No coding required.

Catalytic is the all-in-one solution for no-code and low-code workflow automation. A single platform for business people at all technical levels, Catalytic empowers you to click-and-create the digitized, automated and AI-enabled workflows you need—fast.

It’s the only cloud platform created for business users, balanced with IT governance—and above all—with people in mind. At the core is a self-managing, intelligent data layer driving it all forward for powerful processing, visibility and a low-maintenance, dynamic infrastructure.

Global powerhouses to nimble startups have embraced Catalytic and no-code/low-code citizen development to do more with less, while overcoming years-long obstacles and reinvesting in their workforce.

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"Highly customizable while also simple to use. I have no technical expertise but I'm able to build very complex processes and incorporate predictive modeling with no additional support."

- Senior Director of Business Operations & Transformation 



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Things to consider about no-code/low-code automation for your workflows

Choosing a platform for no-code workflow automation

There’s automation software. And then there’s no-code and low-code tools. Catalytic belongs to a new category changing everything.

Most traditional automation platforms are either focused on screen or simple task automation, and many low-code software is focused on building custom apps. Plus, many workflow platforms aren’t robust enough, meant for simple, short repetitive tasks or project management, not more significant automation through a longer process. A no-code/low-code automation software like Catalytic combines the best of all three.

Here’s what to look for to make sure you’re choosing one of the best low-code/no-code platforms.


Automation features

Whether you’re looking to automate and optimize a series of specific department processes, or are looking for a full company digital transformation, you should begin by understanding a product’s functionality, services, and limitations.

Look for essential capabilities like:

  • Document generation
  • Document processing and text analysis
  • Task routing
  • Forms and email
  • Integrations with your other apps
  • Data processing and reporting
  • AI and machine learning



Consider who will be creating automated solutions. Low-code does not necessarily mean easy. A no-code platform with the option for advanced low-code use might be a better place to start to enable both tech- and non-tech business users to build automations.

Catalytic uses an AI-assisted builder where Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows almost anyone to use pre-built automation capabilities without code. Simply type what you want each step of your workflow to do in an outline format and Catalytic will match it with an action from our robust library. Configuring each automated step is only a matter of clicks.


App and end-user experience

Most no-code/low-code platforms are used to build app experiences. While implementing the functionality might be relatively easy, software design as a whole is not that simple. User experience and interface (UX/UI) design is best left to the pros. 

Not only can a poorly designed business app cause more friction in your process, let’s face it—almost any additional apps cause friction on your workflows. When trying to streamline, sometimes adding another tool is not the answer.

Instead, consider a platform with a built-in user interface for tasks, forms and monitoring processes, while the rest of your automations run in the background or integrated within the apps you already use.



Much like app design, security is also best left to the pros. There are inherent security risks associated with the adoption of any technology solution. As data theft becomes more ubiquitous, it’s important to maintain a reliable system of defense and protection. 

Automation tools are no exception, and your no-code/low-code provider should have a thorough security framework, internal and external audits, and appropriately trained employees to ensure that your data is protected. 

With a platform like Catalytic, our app infrastructure is already enterprise-ready with rigorous security measures built in. Plus, take advantage of IT-approved controls for permissioning, data security, automation development governance, review, approvals and more.

As you weigh your options, make sure your chosen technology provider has all necessary security controls, procedures, and supports in place to protect data storage, prevent loss or leakage, and retain all appropriate compliance certifications. This is particularly important around financial data, customer data, and confidential company information.

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