Intelligent document processing and automation

What is intelligent document processing?

Intelligent document processing (IDP) software uses technology like Optical Character Recognition (OCR automation) combined with other automation and AI technologies to replace manually reading, extracting text, interpreting and taking next steps with high volumes of documents, scanned paperwork, photos, PDFs and more. 

Imagine automating document-heavy processes like contract reviews, invoice approvals, purchase order categorization, request routing, resume ranking, even data entry and validation from official identifications and certificates. No matter your role, you can probably think of similar documents you deal with on a daily basis. Intelligent document solutions can put an end to them piling up. And with a no-code workflow automation platform, you can create it yourself and tailor it to your specific needs.

Cognitive document processing. No coding required.

Catalytic is the no-code workflow automation platform empowering business people to click-and-create digitized, automated and AI-enabled workflows.

It’s the only cloud platform created for business users, balanced with IT governance—and above all—with people in mind. With hundreds of built-in capabilities, create automated workflows for almost anything—like intelligent document solutions for your most time-consuming processes.

Global powerhouses to nimble startups have embraced Catalytic workflows like these to do more with less, while overcoming years-long obstacles.

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How cognitive document processing can impact your workflows

Sometimes intelligent document processing can just refer to scanning and digitizing paper documents to turn them into PDF or image files then apply OCR to “read,” extract and categorize the information scanned and file it accordingly. Many software solutions stop there. 

But there is a lot more to your processes than that. Many intelligent document solutions might still leave you with a lot of manual work. Using a workflow automation tool with cognitive document processing features could be a more effective choice to make a larger impact on your team’s day-to-day.

Intelligent automation examples

You can apply both of these technologies to almost any process dealing with paper, documents and people, data and decisions. Here are some examples.

Automated engineering reviews

One global safety and certification company's engineering documentation review process used to rely on manual review and handoffs between several teams. The process also introduced risk of human error.

Using no-code workflow automation with Catalytic, this company built a customer-facing document processing workflow to intelligently automate most of the process.

Here’s what it does:

  • Starts with an intake webform for customers to submit documents for certification
  • Automatically uses OCR to scan, extract and analyze key terms throughout the document upon submission
  • Based on the logic put in place, eligibility is determined. If exceptions are found, the case is routed to a team member to review
  • Eligibility status is automatically sent back to the customer and account representative
  • Weekly report is generated

This intelligent document processing technology and automated workflow increased accuracy and helped reduce the company’s remote review time from weeks to minutes, giving customers quicker turnaround times and a faster time to market, improving their experience.

Invoice processing

In a different department of the same global company, the shared services team uses a Catalytic-built intelligent document solution for vendor invoices.

With more than a thousand invoices coming in per month from over 30 systems, it was time-consuming to process data sent from numerous systems and in a variety of formats. It all had to be entered manually.

The team’s initial goal was to find an automation solution to perform more than 50% of the process, but with Catalytic, they were able to automate more than 90% while reducing errors.

Here’s what it does:

  • Process is triggered when a vendor sends an invoice to an automated inbox
  • Invoice is scanned with OCR to parse and analyze data
  • Logic decides where it goes or routes exceptions to a team member to review
  • Browser automation:
    • Navigates and log into the system
    • Locates the order and upload the invoice
    • Confirms invoice information
  • Invoice tracker updated with results

Onboarding documents

One customer in the human resources department of a global company uses Catalytic's HR workflow process automation platform to verify hiring documentation like drivers licenses during new employee onboarding.

New hires are sent a link to collect the scanned images or photos through a Catalytic-powered webform. Once they hit submit, Catalytic uses OCR to extract the text and identification information from the scanned documents or photos. The data is verified to confirm the employee’s identity and entered into the HR system.


Endless possibilities with no-code workflow automation

These are just some examples. With a tool like Catalytic, you can customize a process for almost anything. 

Don’t settle for simple intelligent document recognition software. Think of the big picture with a platform where you can combine cognitive document processing with other powerful capabilities like document generation, text analysis, tasks & forms, data processing, system integrations, browser automation, machine learning and more to create the automated workflow you’re looking for.

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