Catalytic Integrations

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This integration allows Catalytic to automate tasks within Zoom, an enterprise video conferencing application with real-time messaging and content sharing.


  • Send a chat message
  • Get user's contact details
  • Get a meeting recording
  • List meetings
  • Create a meeting
  • Get meeting participants
  • Create a meeting poll

Use Cases

  • Create a Zoom user for a new employee during an onboarding process
  • Schedule a Zoom meeting during a hiring process
  • Schedule a process to download and archive meeting recordings
  • Schedule a webinar in a marketing process
  • Add Zoom meeting link to Outlook or Google Calendar

Closing system gaps with Catalytic

One music streaming service uses Catalytic to automate features within its applicant tracking system, Lever, giving this customer new capabilities it wouldn't otherwise have if done manually.

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