Catalytic Integrations

Work smarter by adding an intelligent layer to your systems.


Circle CI is a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) application. This integration allows Catalytic to automate even more of the development processes quickly, safely, and at scale.


  • Trigger a new Job
  • Get the status of a Job
  • Retry a job
  • Follow a new project
  • Download an artifact file
  • Get artifacts of the latest build

Use Cases

  • Notify a team in Slack when a job fails
  • Save a build artifact to Amazon S3
  • Gather job metrics to create reports
  • Update multiple Jira or GitHub issues as a job progresses
  • Send an SMS text message when a job completes

Closing system gaps with Catalytic

One music streaming service uses Catalytic to automate features within its applicant tracking system, Lever, giving this customer new capabilities it wouldn't otherwise have if done manually.

See integrations in action

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