Expand Your Path to Automation Anywhere Success with Catalytic.


  • Add work item to an Automation Anywhere queue
  • Deploy an Automation Anywhere bot to device

Use Cases

  • Use Catalytic smart forms to collect information from employees, customers, and vendors, then software bots from Automation Anywhere can then enter into an on-premise system.
  • Use Catalytic to gather, extract, and harmonize unstructured data from multiple sources and create a standardized file, then handoff to bots from Automation Anywhere to update a desktop application or mainframe.
  • Initiate bots from Automation Anywhere at multiple points in an end-to-end Catalytic process with waiting periods to allow for humans in the loop to make decisions and enter data.
  • Hand off exceptions with bots from Automation Anywhere to employees through Catalytic who are best suited for high value knowledge work.
  • Start process when an opportunity moves to a new stage