Accelerate and scale your automation efforts

Optimize the technical resources you have and add the automation and AI capabilities you need—with speed.

Catalytic hyperautomates IT

96% of I.T. teams say they have the skills for automation. Yet companies aren’t reaching digital transformation goals.

What’s preventing you from reaching scale and true digital maturity?

  • Backlog and work overload
  • Point solution bottlenecks and inconsistent technologies
  • Cost and risk issues
  • Limited technical bandwidth

Catalytic’s digital process automation platform empowers you to take control of complete governance, automation and digital transformation.

Go beyond traditional automation. Deliver better results.

Catalytic enables hyperautomation at scale for true agility and higher ROI company-wide.
Catalytic one seamless platform

Business used, IT-approved

From the end user who interacts with automated processes, to the developers who oversee them, Catalytic provides one secure platform for automating work, enabling centralized monitoring and governance.

Catalytic streamlines point solutions

Streamline point solutions

No need to spend time and money on the rip-out and replace scenario. Connect the technologies you already have in place and allow Catalytic to reduce friction across your tech stack enterprise-wide.

Catalytic scales processes quickly

Scale processes quickly

Many workflows in Catalytic are built in hours, not days. And robust end-to-end solutions can be built in weeks, not months. The average Catalytic customer deploys 50 automation projects to reach scale in less than a year.

The next generation of digital process automation technology


Catalytic’s workflow engine streamlines tech management, notifications, and communication touchpoints, from internal day-to-day processes, to empowering teams company-wide for true transformation.

It helps you manage the needs of your team and others to become the true leaders in your company’s automation journey.

Watch the interview process demo video to see how Catalytic can route communications, tasks and data to streamline any departmental process.

Learn about the Catalytic Workflow Engine.




From ticketing systems to ERPs, connect all of your platforms seamlessly to trigger a chain reaction of productivity. With tasks taking place within one workflow across your stack, you can reduce data redundancy and save time for the business, while empowering other departments to do the same.

Watch the master data management demo video to see how Catalytic can integrate with a VMS for master data management.

Learn more about Catalytic Integrations

Data processing

With Catalytic, you can seamlessly manage and combine data from multiple systems and files, and use it to populate clean reports. Imagine the tedious work of Excel done for you and other business process owners automatically.

Watch the Excel Automation video to see how Catalytic can automate Excel.

Learn about Catalytic Data Processing

AI and machine learning

Your company collects an ocean of data. When connected to Catalytic’s platform, AI and machine learning capabilities can develop a rich understanding of your current processes, and forecast future results to inform strategy across the enterprise.

Watch the video to see how Catalytic can predict contract approvals.

Learn about Catalytic Machine Learning & AI

See what others have built with Catalytic

Browse our library of use cases, customizable workflow templates and demos to see what you can create for your team.

Propel your business forward

Let us show you how easy it is to rapidly deploy and scale automations with Catalytic.

We’re integrating Catalytic into a number of processes. We can do much higher volume with much higher accuracy. We’re taking greater advantage of automation.

Jason C.
-Senior Vice President of Technology, Reveleer
Kate P.

The real value [of Catalytic] comes in its ability to elevate the experiences of our employees, and use our data to make better decisions.

Kate P.
Kate P.
-Lead of New Technologies, Human Resources, Mayo Clinic

In a matter of days, I was able to build robust automations that helped across the company and add significant value. It’s streamlined and simplified a lot of our operations.

Wyatt H.
-Change Management Coordinator, Reveleer
Max C.

Catalytic is a trustworthy partner, providing significant ROI, with a vision to scale by making the technology accessible to non-technical audiences.

Max C.
Max C.
-Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network

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