How it works

The easiest platform for building process automations without coding.


The Action Framework converts APIs, documents and tasks into no-code Actions

Choose from a library of actions and easily assemble powerful automated workflows.

Building smart workflows with Catalytic

Use these key elements to create automated processes that work for you.

Catalytic Actions

Actions are the building blocks of your workflows

Actions are what we call our no-code building blocks to create smart workflows.

Each of the Catalytic platform modules come with their own set of Actions you can stack together as steps in your workflow. Start with one of our templates or combine Actions on your own.

After configuring a sequence of Actions, Catalytic propels it all forward, automatically.

Catalytic Triggers Workflow

Triggers kick off your workflow

Choose a trigger to set off the chain reaction of Actions in your workflow. Whether it’s from an email, web form submission, or through an integration, every time the condition you set occurs, a new process will automatically start.

Catalytic Tasks & Web Forms

Tasks keep humans in the loop

While some Actions are completed automatically in the background through Catalytic, other steps in a process can be assigned to people as tasks. They can include filling a web form or completing a set of instructions. The Catalytic platform offers an easy-to-use interface for all users to manage and complete tasks assigned to them. Once a task is marked complete, Catalytic will start the next Action.

Catalytic data tables

Data tables structure and document your workflows

Catalytic automates processes at the data level. Our platform’s built-in tables document each step along the way, propelling the Workflow Engine, creating a self-documenting system of record for your processes, and offering datasets to make machine learning with Predict possible.

Catalytic Predictive models

Predictive models make Actions smarter

Upload your own records, or use information collected through the platform’s built-in data tables to forecast values or outcomes though Catalytic's Predict machine learning capability.

Each prediction also generates a confidence level that can determine if it takes the next step on its own, or if the suggestion should be routed to a person to confirm or handle exceptions.

The Catalytic Builder

Learn more about using no-code actions to create workflows with the Catalytic Builder.


your systems

All of your company’s systems—whether cloud-based, SFTP, VPN, or on-prem—can be integrated with Catalytic, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

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Be human-centric
and data-driven

Catalytic’s orchestration engine works first with people, and combines data and artificial intelligence to help make your employees more impactful.

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Move to a modern,
secure cloud

Leave the hardware behind, and enable the cloud to deliver a low-cost, safe and secure business environment.

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Take your workflows to the next level

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