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How Grant Thornton uses Catalytic’s smart workflows

Powering new digitized offerings at this global advisory services company

Mariano N.

I use Catalytic every day to build all kinds of automations to help produce more value for Grant Thornton LLP’s clients and internal team members. It was awesome to be a part of this build. Catalytic made it really easy for our experts to translate their knowledge into a user-friendly platform.

Mariano N.
Mariano N.
-Senior Associate, Process Orchestration & RPA Technology & Transformation

With Catalytic, companies like Grant Thornton can also achieve:

Efficient internal operations

Build workflows to automate and streamline processes across the company like report generation, cross-functional collaboration or forms processing and routing.

New digitized products

Take existing intellectual property and subject matter expertise and turn it into a new digital, automatic, or AI-enabled offering.

Speed to value

Whether you're building an internal workflow or a revenue-generating tool for customers, Catalytic's no-code platform lets you deploy it in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

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