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How Dentsu uses Catalytic’s smart workflows

Make your media operations more efficient, and deliver the most value for your customers.

Max C.

Catalytic is a trustworthy partner and provides significant ROI and scalability by making the technology accessible to non-technical audiences.

Max C.
Max C.
-Chief Automation Officer, Dentsu

Other benefits that ad agencies achieve with Catalytic

Monitor media spend

Coordinate media activation tasks, create more accurate reporting around ad spend, and better track outstanding balances. 

Improve campaign analysis

Analyze ad campaigns and gain insight into what’s working and what isn’t. Condense and optimize your data to create performance reports that can be used for actionable next steps.

Empower strategy

With back-office tasks taken care of, your team is freed up to deploy the creative work that helps your clients deliver new ideas and convert new customers.

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