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Mariano N.

I use Catalytic every day to build all kinds of automations to help produce more value for Grant Thornton’s clients and internal team members. It was awesome to be a part of this build.

Mariano N.
Mariano N.
-Senior Associate, Grant Thornton

"Our opportunity to impact the healthcare marketplace gets bigger and brighter every day. There’s no ceiling on what we can do."

Jay Ackerman, CEO, Reveleer

“It’s not just about the time that you’re saving people, it’s about the extra services you can provide with the same amount of people that you’ve got today.”

Kate Palmer, Human Resources at an academic medical center

"With Catalytic, we come together to identify a solution. In turn, it becomes more of a partnership than a customer/vendor relationship."

Scott Palmer, COO, Spikeball

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